A little bit about me…

  • Passionate about all things food related; although recently I have taken more of interest in trying to live a slightly healthier lifestyle and the immense benefits of yoga.
  • Lover of Bristol – Bristolian born and bred and cannot imagine living anywhere else.
  • Small. Big hair that changes colour regularly. Growing collection of tattoos decorating various parts of my body (mostly hidden).
  • Juxtaposition of a creative mind who also loves order, planning and a good old process. It’s confusing.
  • Owner of the best dog: Gadget (or Inspector Gadget if you would like to use his full name). Highly recommend rescuing a staffie – you will not stop smiling. 🙂

gadgetme (1)

Using this blog to satisfy love of writing and creativity and have somewhere to document the constant goings on of my mind. Content is likely to include:

  • The places I visit and love. Blog posts take time and I don’t like to dwell on the negative so I only tend to write about experiences I have loved and would recommend to others!
  • My attempt at getting fit and counteracting my love of food. The buzz from exercise does not come naturally to me and I am constantly battling the fat child inside, but I have become more disciplined recently with Bikini Body Guide and hope to make it through the whole programme!
  • New love of yoga and monitoring of progress through some of the moves. I am aiming to comfortably be able to do a headstand this year
  • Other creative musings. Books I have loved reading; things I have drawn, outfits I am loving, etc.
  • Gadget. My dog is a big feature of my life and likely to pop up now and again 🙂


Follow me on Twitter: @KbowBristol

Email: kbowbristol@gmail.com

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