Searching for Blackbeard’s Treasure!

I am back writing!!! It’s been a while, huh!? Lockdown gave me the attention span of a goldfish and the capacity to only watch arty/craft programmes (Big Flower Fight, Home is where art is and Grayon Perry’s art club are my top recommendations)…not necessarily anything any wants to read about.

But I am slowly making my way back into the real world. Popping my head out of my shell. Remembering what it was like to have the hubbub of people around (I have spent a LOT of time just talking to my dog). It’s exciting if not oddly daunting…

I was therefore excited to get the opportunity to try out an escape room at Escape Hunt in Cabot Circus. They have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the safety of their staff and the public, whilst keeping the same magic of excitement and adventure. Their demonstration of prioritising safety procedures has resultedin them being awarded Visit England’s Industry Standard “Good to Go” certificate, the UK Hospitality seal of approval and the AA’s COVID-19 Confident Shield. If you have any concerns you can check out:

I witnessed this immediately on arrival. Masks are to be worn at all times – even inside the escape room with your household/social bubble. Masks are provided if you don’t have one – but if you’re anything like me you now have one in every pocket your own! Hand sanitizer stations are dotted all around so you can sanitize on the way in and out of the rooms. Everything in the rooms is also disinfected between challenges.

We chose to take on Blackbeard’s Treasure room – having been on a few walking tours around Bristol that talks about the tales of Blackbeard and I am FASCINATED!

Stepping through the door we are transported onto Blackbeard’s pirate gallon. We are now shipmates, on the search for his legendary treasure chest. With Blackbeard now dead the coast is clear to steal it all for ourselves, but he has not made it easy! A series of complex and varied clues must be solved to get into his old cabin. 

There is only so much I can obviously say here without giving the whole game away. I can say that you have to work as a team. It helps to have the extra perspective to solve some of the more complex elements (just as you think you have solved something there is another clever layer before you can move on) and it physically helps to have at least two people sometimes. Try and stay calm… there may have been times where this is tested. And look at EVERYTHING. Pretty much every object/picture plays a part somewhere in the game. 

And the SCALLIWAGS ESCAPED! OK, with just a few minutes to spare…and we might have had to call on some help here and there….but we still got out! Thank goodness – I had some exciting dinner plans to get to – gotta make use of our new treasure!!

I loved it! A fab activity for a day or evening out in Bristol – where you will be congratulating each other on the problems solved for hours! And it absolutely felt safe – a place you know are following all the precautions to be Covid secure.

Next time I definitely want to try one of their outside adventures!

Check out all their room & adventures and book here:

Disclaimer: I took part in the game free of cost, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the event – all thoughts are my own.

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