Vegan wine and cheese night!

I haven’t had the brain power to sit and write a proper post about food/drink recently (OK I have been fully addicted to Love is Blind instead, sorry!) BUT there are some evenings that deserve more than just an instagram post. An evening that brings together some dreamy people to provide all the vegan wine and cheese at one of my favourite places is one of those! 

I am particularly lucky to have Eat Your Greens just around the corner from me. The awards can tell you a story of how fabulous this place is, but to me it is a special little haven. I am particularly addicted to their cakes. OH MY GOODNESS THE CAKES ARE MADE WITH MAGIC!!!!

As part of their focus on working with ethical suppliers and supporting other small businesses, they put on an evening of vegan wine and cheese with like-minded people who are making living a more ethical and more sustainable lifestyle also about the pleasure of eating and drinking! 

Selfie of me cheersing with a glass of red wine

The evening included six different wine and cheese combinations! The wine was provided by the lovely Vegan Wine Box – an online vegan wine merchant based in Bristol. Run by Dom and Emma, it was set up due to their inability to easily find good quality, ethical vegan wines. They’ve now done all the hard work for you! The cheese was mostly provided Food By Sumear – an ex-dairy cheesemaker that uses traditional cheesemaking methods and all the science to make some of the most authentic vegan cheeses. He even has a “cheese” cave!

I have included some of the tasting notes they provided for the evening – otherwise it would just be a post that includes variations of “this was yummy!” 😉


Boschendal Brut Non-Vintage Method Cap Classique + Trimma Greek-Inspired Cultured Cheese

You know it’s going to be a good evening when it starts with a glass of something bubbly! This gorgeous Method Cap Classique (or South African sparkling wine made with traditional methods) is a great alternative for all you champagne lovers! It’s citrusy with little delicate bubbles! Matched perfectly with the tanginess and saltiness of the cheese – similar to a traditional feta, but a little more crumbly. 

Happy to start every evening with a glass of bubbly, cheese and nibbles pretty please!


Polgoon Bacchus 2018 + Original Sharp-Firm CHeese

My recent forays into English wine have meant that I have become quite the fan of a Bacchus. It’s easy drinking and very summery with hints of Elderflower. Drinking it brings up connotations of an English Meadow! This was nicely balanced with the strong sharpness of the cheese. 

Side shot of white wine and
Drinking an English meadow!
I like to drink wine and make the same face drinking wine


Serbal Voignier 2018 + Maple Wood Smoked Vegan Semi-Firm Cheese

Coming in with notes about the cheese first here as it was my absolute fav of the evening. I have tried quite a few vegan cheeses over the years (as dairy makes me sleepy!) and this is one of the first hard cheeses that felt like eating “normal cheese”. It is smoked using real wood for 7 – 10 hours for that perfectly smoked flavour. The Voignier was lovely and fresh and crisp to counteract the smokiness. For the wine connoisseurs, it had tasting notes of peach, lychee and honeysuckle. Very quaffable! 

Holding up a glass with background
Wine looks so pretty against the backdrop of Eat Your Greens


Shrinking Violet Syrah + Pepper Aged Verdure-Mead Cheese

The perfect wintery match. The French Syrah is oaked for six months, and brings tasty hints of black pepper, cherries and chocolate. A strong cheese is needed to hold up to those bolder flavours – this tangy sharp cheese steeped in freshly cracked peppercorns held up to the challenge!

Peppery cheese with
All about those peppery flavours!


Montecillo Gran-Reserva Rioja 2009 + Blue Roqueforti Verdure-Mead Cheese

This wine was something quite special! Complex flavours of cherry, dried fruit, nuts, spice and a little vanilla! I absolutely tasted all of these…. 😉
AND YES! A vegan blue cheese! Sharp, spicy, salty, sour. All the taste sensations. 

Vegan blue cheese with THAT special wine!
Getting a lesson in tasting notes!


Casal Jordoes Tawny Port + EYG Cranberry & Cashew Cheese.
Port does not need to be saved for Christmas!! Full-bodied with rich-fruit cake aromas and flavours. Matched with Eat Your Greens very own cashew cheese – smooth and tangy with delicious cranberries. Almost dessert like. Perfect ending to a lush night!

“Dessert-ish” Eat Your Greens Cranberry & Cashew cheese with port. YUM!

Want to know more about these lovely people? Of course you do! 

Eat Your Greens
Gorgeous plant based cafe by day, relaxed eating by night. They also sell locally made beers and ciders and unique wines.

Food By Sumear
Sumear’s cheese is stocked by the likes of La Faumagerie (the UK’s first vegan cheesemaker). He has also started making specially curated vegan cheese boxes!!

Vegan Wine Box –
Use the code BRISTOLDELIVERY for free delivery to BS postcodes for orders over £50.
And if you need more reason as to why you should buy from an independent wine seller – check out their recent blog post:

Disclaimer: I was provided this event free of cost, however I was not asked to provide this blog post and this didn’t affect my opinion of the event – all thoughts are my own.

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