The Book of Mormon comes to Bristol!

The Book of Mormon has come to Bristol Hippodrome and it deserves all the hype surrounding it!

“The best musical of this century”

“Grade A: the funniest musical of all time”

It’s not really like any musical I have seen before. When I first went to see it in London last year I admittedly spent a lot of the time slightly incredulous at what they have just said on stage… The comedy is outrageous and is not afraid to offend; something you might expect from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the Emmy and Peabody award-winning television show, South Park. However once again, seeing it at the Bristol Hippodrome, I spent most of the time laughing out loud  – along with the rest of the audience – and left with a big grin on my face!

Elder Cunningham waving and holding The Book of Mormon

The musical follows the story of two missionaries: the perfect all-American Elder Price who is destined to achieve something INCREDIBLE (those who have seen it sing along!), paired with the awkward, deemed slightly useless, Elder Cunningham to spread the Book of Mormon and convert a tribe in Uganda to the Church of Latter Day Saints. It pulls apart the far-fetched story of how the Book began that the missionaries are so devoted to, mostly demonstrated by the tall tales that Cunningham creates to get the tribe on board with the religion. 

Elder with arms aloft holding the Book of Mormon, holding hands with the General

The dialogue doesn’t shy away from subjects, from AIDS in Africa to the repression of feelings that are considered “wrong” within some religions, such as homosexuality or the questioning of God’s existence when bad things happen. Despite this, the musical feels uplifting! Mostly as a result of the up-beat, ridiculously catchy songs from Robert Lopez (who co-created the Broadway musical Avenue Q and co-wrote the songs for Disney’s Frozen!) “Switch it off – like a light switch!” will undoubtedly continue to pop into your head any time you try and suppress anything, and I will personally forever be slightly haunted by the dramatic vocals in the “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream!!!!” 

Company of The Book of Mormon: Men dressed in white dancing
The company of The Book of Mormon Credit Paul Coltas

You may leave Bristol Hippodrome to the greetings of people wanting to tell you the “true meaning of the Book of Mormon” – quite the representation of when art imitates life!

The show is on at Bristol Hippodrome until 22nd February! There is still availability from February 3rd onwards but I am sure that won’t last long! Get your tickets here:

Also, keep an eye on Bristol Hippodrome socials for upcoming shows: 

Twitter: @bristolhipp
Facebook: Bristol Hippodrome
Instagram: @bristolhipp

Making a night of it? 

I have also had a few people ask recently where is good to eat before/after the show, so thought I would add a quick summary of a few of my favourite places close to the Hippodrome:

Pasta Ripiena, 33 St Stephen’s St, Bristol BS1 1JX
BEAUTIFUL pasta, incredible service, great cocktails. Some sort of magic that makes you feel like their most important “guests”. 

The Ox, 43 Corn St, Bristol BS1 1HT
Epic steak in gorgeous settings hidden under the Weatherspoons. Look out for their Early Bird Deal Mon – Fri eve. If the sprouts on the menu, you have to order them. Just. Trust. Me. 

Bambalan, Podium Level, Colston Tower, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 4XE
Colourful North African/Mediteranean inspired menu. Great terrace and city views (they have heaters, don’t worry!) Show your theatre tickets for pre/post-theatre discounts. 

Tuk Tuck, 5 St Stephen’s St, Bristol BS1 1EE
A bit more of a casual option, but I am just in LOVE with their kimchi fries and bibimbaps (not just because they are fun to say!)

Milk Thistle, Quay Head House, Colston Ave, Bristol BS1 1EB
Not food…but if you have made the effort to get your glad rags on to go the theatre, you deserve a fancy drink that reflects your snazziness. Hidden away on the centre, this stunning cocktail bar delivers the most beautiful cocktails and surroundings that will make you feel quite decadent. 

Disclaimer: I was provided the show tickets free of cost, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the event – all thoughts are my own.

All images: Credit Paul Coltas

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