Heartfelt Vintage – Vegan afternoon tea

I use the words fabulous and fab A LOT. Probably (definitely) too much… But there are some experiences that warrant the use of the word. Having spent a truly scrumptious and indulgent afternoon in the delightful surroundings of Heartfelt Vintage, I have found said fabulous experience!

A lovely cup of tea 🙂

Surrounded by their beautiful collection of vintage fashion, bridal wear and stunning accessories, they provide a unique experience of being able to shop as you eat – two of my favourite things!

My life is not complete until I own this jacket

As part of Veganuary, the current afternoon tea menu is fully vegan. We started with sandwiches in lovely little triangles (why are sandwiches so much more satisfying when they come in triangles?) Delicious fillings that had obviously been lovingly designed for texture and flavour:

  • flavoursome bbq jackfruit with red cabbage slaw. Jackfruit is a personal mystery to me – but its magic seems to be in soaking up flavour. A flavour vessel if you will.
  • coronation chickpea & apple. Crunchy apple with the delicious spiced mayo.
  • avocado, tahini & pickled red onion. Needed a little crunch, but tasty.
  • portobello mushroom, radish & salad. I am personally still on my own training programme to like mushrooms, but I liked the flavour combinations here.
Yummy yummy yummy

We all know that afternoon tea is mainly all about the cake and scones. Having tried vegan baking, I understand the scientific challenges of baking without eggs. Heartfelt Vintage have perfected this science with:

  • the well-established flavour combo of banana and peanut butter in a lovely moist loaf (moist is only acceptable when talking about cake).
  • Beautifully rich chocolate orange sponge – with a little gooeyness for extra joy.
  • My favourite – carrot cake cut through with the slight sourness of vegan cream cheese frosting.

I powered through the beginnings of fullness for the finale of scones, with vegan cream and strawberry jam. Now I don’t want to cause too much controversy here, but I am cream first – then jam on top – scone eater.  I find the cream acts as a protective layer to stop the jam soaking in. I have no strong allegiance to Devon or Cornwall, so sorry to anyone this offends.

Cream then jam on top for me please

All of this was washed down with bottomless pots of tea sipped from gorgeous crockery. How delightful! And excellent value at £17.50 pp.

They make and bake everything in-house – from the bread to the cakes and scones. As standard, the menu is vegetarian throughout the year, but they can always cater for dietary requirements (vegan, gluten free, etc,) if you let them know in advance. Bookings available for afternoon tea from 12pm – 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Piles and piles of food!

Have a look at their website to book: https://www.heartfeltvintage.co.uk/afternoon-tea-bristol

Also recommend following on instagram for beautiful pictures of vintage fashion, wedding styling and of course, cake! @heartfeltvintage.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. elizamoreland says:

    Was so Yummy! You’ve perfectly described a delicious afternoon out. I didn’t notice you putting cream on first – I must have been too busy putting the jam first on mine 😉


    1. KBowBristol says:

      The cream/jam debate always causes controversy 😂


  2. Café Filter says:

    The jackfruit sandwiches sound good. Am also on a mushroom appreciation training programme; can sympathise.

    I love your blog by the way. Bit cheeky but can I ask for a follow back on twitter? I’m trying to build up followers, your support would be much appreciated.
    Dan @CafeFilterSW


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