Suncraft: Tasty food for the soul

As the weather turns grizzly, part of you may be craving all the stodge (if you’re like me, it will be mostly potato based) but your body is likely in most need of all the healthy stuff to help your body ward off the inevitable lurgy trying to attack from every corner.

A few years ago I went on a bit of a personal research mission into how gut health impacts the mind and body – and there is some pretty strong evidence for making sure you keep that gut as happy as possible. Suncraft on Gloucester Road is the perfect place to help with this! Run by the same lovely team as Gallimaufry, they have created an exciting plant-based menu – full of virtuous ingredients whilst still being jam-packed with flavour. 😋


Heading there for a little mid-week lunch recently I immediately felt welcomed, not only by the friendly staff, but the sunny decor. Sat in the window for the window for the ultimate people watching setup – I sipped on a stunning Lavender, Rosemary & Lemon kombuchas from Wild Fizz whilst perusing their interesting menu.


Picking from the range of healthy, Asian-inspired bowls of goodness is tricky – they all sounded so scrumptious! I finally settled on a soba noodles & kimchi salad with a variety of beansprouts, carrot, red cabbage, hemp juice dashi, umeboshi & gochujang sauce. Fresh, crunchy with a zing of spice – this woke up the taste buds!


There were a lot of ingredients I had admittedly never heard of; fortunately there is a handy overview of the ingredients, including:

  • Gochujang – savoury, sweet and spicy fermented chilli sauce – made with rice – perfect for adding richness and flavour to any stew
  • Kimchi – Korean staple – made from salted and fermented cabbage (and my current addiction!😋)
  • Umeboshi – Pickled umi – translates as ‘Japanese salt plums’. Really fun to say!


After spotting a particularly scrummy pic of their Fried tofu in Vietnamese tomato sauce & fresh herbs on Instagram earlier that day, I also had to add that on! So easily influenced…I’m always amazed by whatever magic chefs use to make tofu so tasty – my home attempts do not create such flavoursome results! Delicious springy bites of tofu coated in that beautiful sauce. Dreamy!


There are several forward thinking and heart-warming initiatives at Suncraft – including an in-house hydropinics system in collaboration with urban farmers Grow Bristol – rows of tiny plants including spinach, pak choi and edible flowers to be used as ingredients within the restaurant. There’s also an optional 20p donation for the Belu water, all of whose profits go to WaterAid.


As people are increasingly moving to a more plant-based diet, this health-conscious restaurant is a particularly exciting new addition to Bristol.

Tasty food for the soul, that leaves you feeling virtuous and healthy! Win win.

Disclaimer: I was provided this meal free of cost, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the meal – all thoughts are my own.


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