Miller Green: First Supper Club

There is something particularly lovely about a supper club. One big table of people brought together by their love of food. A delicious menu made with obvious love and passion. A delightful evening of varying conversations with new and interesting people. The randomness when you actually find yourself sitting opposite someone who works in the same building as you… (Bristol is such a crazy small world!)

I was fortunate to try the first Supper Club from Miller Green, hosted by the lovely Sue Miller. Sue completely changed career direction after turning vegan a few years ago and developing a passion for showing that vegan dishes did not need to be boring. Miller Green was created to provide delicious dishes so full of character, flavour and texture that you barely notice the absence of meat, eggs or dairy products. Perfect for vegans looking for inspiration (or just an evening off cooking) or those like me, who are generally trying to reduce their meat intake. Miller Green source locally and from fair-trade suppliers wherever possible and even use produce grown on their own Miller Green allotment when in season. Their ethos sums it up perfectly:

“Vegan dishes for people who love food.”

Sue demonstrates the size of colander required for the amount of celeriac

To get the taste buds going, we were greeted with an amuse bouche of mushroom vol au vent (who doesn’t love a vol au vent) with a delicious glass of sloe gin fizz.

Mushroom vol au vents. Photo credit: Miller Green


A beautifully warming roasted butternut squash soup officially started the evening. With the perfect amount of spice and the crispy fried sage leaves bringing a bit of crunch.

I ate the soup too quickly. Thanks Sue for this beautiful picture

A refreshing bowl of somerset cider granita cleansed the palate for the main event. And brought back nostalgia of cider ice lollies as a child!

Nostalgic cider granita

The main of mushroom and tofu bourguignon with celeriac mash and crispy kale was just as hearty and satisfying as any meaty stew. I loved the lightness of the celeriac and potato combo in the mash too. Licked up every bit of that sauce!

Hearty and warming

I am usually more of a savoury than sweet gal, but my favourite dish of the evening was absolutely the apple and ginger sticky toffee pudding was sweet caramel sauce. It was decadent, gooey, sticky, sweet and everything I wanted from a pud on an Autumnal eve. It got a lot of “mmmmmm” noises from the table.

An absolute beaut of a pudding!

An absolutely beautiful evening with lovely people (and two very cute dogs!!!)

They are planning another supper club in October so keep an eye out for future dates on social media or via their newsletter. 

Twitter: @MillerGreenVeg

Instagram: @MillerGreenVeg

In the meantime, if you want to try out their delicious food, or just some want some help getting some healthy and nutritious food into your week, they deliver delicious healthy suppers around Central Bristol, Tuesday to Saturday between 5.30 and 9.15pm. Food can also be delivered ready to freeze for a later date. Check out for the daily menu. 🙂

Disclaimer: I was provided this meal free of cost, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the meal – all thoughts are my own.




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