Felson’s Cocktail Lounge and Stick Bar – getting sporty(ish)

I was met with a lot of confused looks when the story of my bank holiday weekend included playing pool. I tend to avoid anything remotely related to sport – and have been mostly successful in avoiding since childhood. Alcohol does however seem to bring out some secret skills – Beer pong in particular brings out some random throwing skills I definitely did not have at school.

Felson’s Bristol Cocktail Lounge and Stick Hall brings to Bristol a stylish venue where you can play, drink and eat (and if you are like me – DANCE – as their playlist was epic!) I loved the decor and welcoming atmosphere, inspired by Fast Eddie Felson, a 1950’s Hollywood eight-ball stick hero (I had to google him….) and his love for the sport.

Picture of pool ball
There is definitely a theme here…

The last time I played pool was about 10 years whilst travelling, so I brought along my travelling partner in crime, Abby, for the nostalgia – plus she knows the rules so we wouldn’t look completely stupid in public. I need not have worried though as you get a handy little set of the rules to help!

If you want me to get involved in activities… add cocktails

The extensive drinks list is impressive. It was bank holiday, so I was fancying a cocktail (as if I need an excuse…) but there is also a long list of wine, craft beer and spirit options. I can confirm that they make a fab Bramble and Passionfruit Margarita. I am willing to continue my cocktail research in the future if needed. 😛

The joy of a Margarita!

The food menu seems designed to soak up all the booze. Think fried things, wraps, burgers… The snacks section seemed like the most appropriate to nibble on around games, so opted for:

  • Crispy chicken strips
  • Sweetcorn fritters
  • Hot chicken wings
  • Loaded fries with beef chilli
Plates of fried snacks
Fried snacks to soak up the booze!
Fried things and cocktails

The chicken wings were the highlight – packed full of flavour and just enough hot sauce to leave the necessary tingle on your lips. You can order by the 100s (we didn’t – that’s excessive even for me).

A little bit of spice from the wings

We were also lucky enough to hang out and play in Eddie’s VIP Lounge – a private room with pool table, TV and the convenience of a bar tab for food and drink. Perfect space for a group to hang out, drink and eat while watching friends get competitive at the pool table. 

Action shot to show pool playing actually happened
It’s all about the angles…

I actually surprised myself with how much fun I had. Fab cocktails, lovely staff and great atmosphere. And I did not completely suck at pool – YAY! I’ll be back!

Disclaimer: I was provided this meal free of cost, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the meal – all thoughts are my own.

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