Dine With I – the roast edition

If you’re not heading to your mum’s for Sunday roast, where should you go? Perhaps somewhere you would least expect…

Frankie Loves Ava on Wells Road houses an abundance of upcycled furniture and unique gifts. It’s a treasure trove that you can get lost in for a while. Hidden downstairs though is a cosy and eclectically fabulous Cellar Supper Club. Sitting at a communal table, you are surrounded by stunning wallpaper and trinkets. If vintage styling is your thing, you will absolutely fall in love with the space here. The interior is essentially my future home (I am 70% on my journey to eccentric old lady and my bedroom is an ever-growing collection of bits and bobs).

Explore the various trinkets around Frankie Loves Ava

Now for the Sunday Roast experience. Cooked by Tim Owen, AKA Dinewithi this roast dinner is all about the FLAVOUR.  What Tim does not know about flavour is not really worth knowing…


The first course of Panzanella (AKA Tuscan tomato and bread salad) was light – so as not to fill you up for the main event – but packed full of flavour to get the taste buds zinging. There is a particular magic in the combo of tomatoes, onion, basil and capers. Crunchy sourdough soaked up the flavours of the vinaigrette.


The roast centred around beautiful slow-cooked brisket of dexter beef with salsa verde. Cooked overnight, the meat completely melted in the mouth. Divine!

To complement the flavours, a gorgeous plate of: roast potatoes cooked in the juices of the beef for the ultimate hit of flavour; colourful heritage carrots; a stodgy yorkshire pudding to soak up all the PROPER gravy (Tim takes his gravy very seriously!); spicy cabbage; and incredibly indulgent creamy leeks with parmesan and walnuts (OH MY!) Every mouthful is a taste-sensation. AND all the spare bits and pieces came out on a plate so I managed to nab an extra roast potato. YES!



And finally it was time for the sweet stomach to get involved (my secret weapon in times of ultimate over-indulgence). My heart was won over immediately by the vintage crockery (I have a bit of an obsession with vintage cups and saucers…) A creamy panna cotta was gobbled up by all. A perfect balance of sweet and tart, with the vanilla of the panna cotta and topping of blackcurrant compote (with blackcurrants from Sharon’s garden). A crispy cardamom crumb was the piece de resistance to this scrumptious dessert.

Perfectly creamy panna cotta
Perfect combo of textures and flavours

Sunday roasts are £25 for three courses and BYO! They also offer private dining experiences if you are looking for a unique evening with your own personal chef. Keep an eye on their social media for upcoming events and Sunday Roast dates:

upcoming dates!

Twitter: @FrankieLovesAva and @dinewithi

Instagram: @frankie_loves_ava and @dine_with_eye

Facebook: @FrankieLovesAva and @Dinewithi

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