Hell in a Cell – Saw meets Crystal Maze

The face in the photo is genuinely petrified (whilst my fellow escapees look remarkably casual and happy!?!?). I had willingly signed myself up to trying out the escape room with a difference – Hell in a Cell. Described as a combination of Crystal Maze mixed with a bit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this is obviously not your usual clue solving experience. I had basically agreed to put locked up in a cell to escape from a terrifying serial killer. MAD.


We arrived at the prison cells of Bristol’s old Crown Court (it’s creepy from the start) for a short safety briefing before we were bundled up in handcuffs and bags put over heads. The click of the cell door closing and it was just the eerie sounds of prisoners past to haunt our ears. GAH! One hour to work together to escape before we were caught by the hideous Pig Face!


The rest I will need to leave mostly to your imagine – you crazy thrill seekers will have to try it out for yourselves! (Let me know if you do as I want to talk about it with more people. I can give you a few tips though, hopefully without giving too much away:

  • If you happen to bump into old prisoners, they may be trying to help you… I was too scared to look at them for quite a while, and consequently missed some obvious clues. DOH!
  • Work together to solve clues sequently. I am a massive wimp and held onto everyone’s arms for dear life, so don’t understand why you would want to go off your own, but if you are crazy enough it is better if you work as a team.
  • Don’t wear your best outfit. There ***may*** be some crawling about and you are in a dusty cell.
  • If this is your first escape room experience, you may want to start with something slightly less terrifying such as Escape Hunt first, to get you in the clue solving mindset.
  • Avoid if you have an extreme fear of the dark. It’s very dark.
  • Leave time for a team drink after. You are going to want to sit and talk about it a lot and will need a drink to calm the nerves.

Some feedback from my fellow escapees:

Sophie: “Fucking Terrifying! But immense fun if you like being scared shitless!”

Andy: “It really was so much fun! Trying to make your brain work whilst being scared, screaming and giggling (nervously) was such an intense experience that I would recommend to everyone. Small piece of advice – bring some spare pants!!”


Such a well crafted experience – there were genuinely convinced at points that I was actually locked up and that was how it would all end.

I am an absolute wimp! Screamed throughout…loudly! Big thanks to Mitch and Colin for their calm ways – without them I think we would still be in those cells….

Feeling brave enough? Get a team together and book here: https://bristolhorrorescape.com/

Also, don’t forget to share your #PsychoSelfie on social:

Instagram: @HellInACellBris

Twitter: @HellInACellBris

Disclaimer: I was invited to try this experience free of charge, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the experience – all thoughts are my own. 

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