Foodies Festival: Eating and drink our way round the Downs

Foodies Festival has become a bit of annual tradition for me and the mother goose! A tradition that is based on drinking a lot of bubbles, eating a lot of food, watching food and drink based demos and buying as many treats as we can physically carry. In mum’s case, this often includes some random gadget too; however, I was the most guilty of this this year, coming away with a new teeth whitening kit. Please make sure you comment on my white teeth if you see me to make it worth it…. HA!

Me and the Mother Goose in our happy place!


This year was no different, but with an added twist of successfully sampling lots of colourful bubbles this year! Our absolute fav was the Aldwick Court Farm Vineyard sparkling rose – we drank several glasses over the sunny afternoon and bought bottles to get us through the Summer! It’s local so will definitely be booking in for a tour soon!

Only pink bubbles do for my pink loving mother goose!

For the designated driver (AKA mum’s husband) there was a pretty epic milkshake – complete with lolly!


There is always an abundance of food options, so go hungry! I managed to fit in some indulgent slow-cooked burnt ends in a pretzel bun and a later treat of calamari, alongside all the tasty nibbles I had sampled on my way around. I love the interesting food items you can find at this festival and try and make my way round all stalls.

Slow cooked meat is the best kind!
Nothing fancy – but can never resist a quick calamari fix

There are also multiple demonstration tents, covering chef demos, all things cake and boozy tastings.

Inside the cake tent
Learning how to make pimms cupcakes in the cake tent. YUMMY!

After several years of attending, my top tips for the day are:

  • Arrive before lunch and register for all your favourite demos/tastings near the entrance. They are free, but are understandably popular so grab your tickets as early as possible
  • Do a scope round all the stalls before choosing your lunch/dinner option. You don’t want the regrets of missing out on your favourite food!
  • Allow time to sit and enjoy the music with a glass of bubbly (or tea – there are plenty of exciting non-alcoholic options there; bubbly is just my preferred choice. Hehe!)
  • There is a lot of booze to try (which if you are like me, you will make it your mission to try as much as possible!) – recommend going on a day where the next day’s potential hangover won’t be a problem…

Can’t wait for next year!! It’s touring around the UK, so keep an eye on for a Foodies Festival coming near you!

Disclaimer: Tickets were provided free of charge, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of the event – all thoughts are my own.
I also bought a whole heap of stuff while I was there!

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