Escape Hunt Bristol: We came out as warriors!

Now, how do you talk about an experience where most of it needs to be kept a secret? Tricky, but I shall try my best to tell you as much as I can about one of Bristol’s newest escape room experiences – maybe with a few hints and tips along the way (got out with 21 minutes to spare with #NoHints – TOTALLY SMUG!)


Escape Hunt has been challenging teams across the globe (it’s based in 50 locations worldwide) and has chosen lovely Bristol as their first UK location! I assume they did extensive research and identified our heightened intelligence…. 😛 Their experience shows – I have tried a few escape room experiences, and this one felt the most slick from the outset.  Heading down the lift into the depths of Cabot Circus, we were greeted by our Games Master and immediately surrounded by puzzles and games to get us in the problem solving mindset to tackle their first room: The Fourth Samurai. For those who have never tackled an escape room before and wonder what the dickens I am on about, imagine all the challenges from Crystal Maze combined in one room, to be completed as a team, within the hour, kind of…

Anyone else remember how difficult MAGIC EYE puzzles were?!?


It was time to become Japanese Samurai warriors (it helps to get into character). We were about to enter ancient Japan, with a mission to destroy the mystical sword using both mental and physical agility – or face a fate worse than death – loss of your honour (particularly if you are competing against another team who get out before you).


The challenges can be solved in groups of two to six, but I recommend getting at least three together so you have a peace maker in situations of potential disagreements. To crack all the clues and puzzles within the hour, you will need to work as a team. Stay calm, assess clues as you go and keep communicating with your fellow team members – a fresh pair of eyes on a riddle or picture you have been staring at for ages can be super useful.

Try and stay focused on one clue or puzzle at a time as the next is generally not revealed until that is solved. This game has been particularly cleverly designed with a great variety of creative puzzles. Games Master must be one of the most amusing jobs in the world, watching people scratch their heads over some of the simplest of clues or completely miss something that in hindsight is incredibly obvious. You can get clues from them if you get completely stuck – so be nice at the beginning. 🙂

The rest will have to stay secret until you try it and we can talk all about it!

Excitingly, their new game, Our Finest Hour, has also just opened so I can try it again! I love the idea of taking on the role of Secret Agents in the aftermath of the Battle of Britain, finding the location of the dangerous ‘V Weapons’ to save Britain from catastrophic losses. Vicky and Lauren – time to take on our next life-saving persona!

My life saving team mates!


Book it online at 

There are also two instances of both games available, so larger groups of up to 12 can split between rooms and play head to head!

Reminder of our escape!

Disclaimer: I was invited to try this experience free of charge, however I was not asked to send any copy in advance and this didn’t affect my opinion of Escape Hunt– all thoughts are my own. 

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