Hobbies: Exploring creativity around Bristol

I have come to the conclusion that I may have acquired too many hobbies. Alongside work, my productivity nemesis – box-sets and social media – and the amount of time that food takes up my thoughts and life, I have developed a love for lots of creative activities that I need to work out a way to fit in around these and my constant need to nap.


Although I am not sure if this should be called a necessity rather than a hobby. I am nowhere near as calm as I may come across – regular yoga helps me deal with life. I use MoveGB so I can have the flexibility of practicing yoga in different studios around Bristol, whether I am heading straight from work or home. There are a few dreamy studios in Bristol that I have recently fell in love with:

  • Wild Wolf’s Yoga on St Nicholas Street. Gorgeous lighting, huge range of classes for different yoga tastes and a space to have a cup of Pukka tea after if you don’t want/need to rush back to real life.
  • Temple Yoga. Hidden in a random industrial area off Feeder Road is a gorgeous little sanctuary. The Monday eve vinyasa flow class with Ailsa from Frosted Feather Yoga is my regular class. A nice mix of challenging poses and relaxation to combat the stress of Mondays.
  • Pure Yoga, Wapping Wharf. Achieving sort of magic by creating a relaxing space in a cargo container. The perfect location for people who dream about food during shavasana (me – every time) as there are so many places to eat nearby. Ha! Worth keeping an eye on their workshops – I did a hip opening and meditation workshop recently that was just what my body and mind needed!
Dreamy settings in Temple Yoga


I have been drawing as a hobby for years and love creating personalised pictures for people as presents. I have not taken any lessons since school though and decided this year I would go back to the basics and remind myself of the techniques. I met Jane Vellender on the Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail and loved her artistic style. I have now signed up to her five-week Learn to Draw course and I am loving it after just one week – lots of lovely hints and tips to finesse your work, whether you are pure beginner or want to improve. She is also one of the loveliest and most encouraging teachers. She has just put up dates for courses across the year if you want some artistic inspiration.

Week one: still life and techniques. Anyone need a pic of a coffee cup or jug? I need to practice…

Hula hooping

One of the most random of my new hobbies, but I have a dream of being able to hula a hoop from my feet to my arms and back again. It’s important to have dreams… 😛 When a post about Cat Hoops came up on a local Facebook group I was tempted in. I completed the six-week beginner course at the beginning of the class and left every week with a goofy grin on my face as I loved it so much. I need to practice more to achieve my dream (bring on the summer for practicing in the park) but I have already learnt new skills – including the ability to hula hoop around my legs (apparently with a zen like look on my face). I think I have found my calling….

Cat’s crazy hoop balancing skills. Find me in a park practicing this in the Summer!


Very much a work-in-progress, but with my obsession with Instagram I feel like I should make some effort into improving my photography skills. I invested in an Olympus Pen camera last year, admittedly because it was pretty…. I then spent a lot of time mainly taking lots of pictures of my dog, Gadget, with absolutely no idea how to use it to its full potential. My friend and I booked onto an afternoon workshop with James Osmond to learn a thing or two about what to actually do. We spent a fab afternoon in Clevedon learning how to use manual settings (embarrassingly I have never taken my camera off auto settings before and had no idea what all the numbers meant on my screen. Ha!) He was super patient with such amateurs and I went away with a new enthusiasm for my camera and love of taking pictures of ripples in mud.

One of the many pictures I took of Clevedon Pier
The magical patterns of ripples in the mud and water

I thought writing about all of these would help me prioritise them, but actually I just want to do them all! Anyone else have this problem?

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