Tsukemono: a pop up of pickled things

The fab Japanese Soul food from Tsukemono first came to my attention at a recent yoga brunch, where we were spoilt with mass sharing dishes of tofu, Japanese gravalax and their signature colourful pickled things (Tsukemono translates into “pickled things”. Cute!) I was immediately in love with their experimental approach to Japanese food. The main takeaway from the brunch was however that I needed to make it my mission to try their kimchi scotch eggs. People were raving about them, so much so that someone had ordered them as the key dish at an upcoming birthday buffet!

Bar snacks - kimchi scotch eggs and kare-pan
I got to try kimchi scotch eggs

Consequently, I was one of the first to head to their pop-up a The Robin Hood on St. Michael’s Hill. And bored my friend the whole way up with the following three words on repeat: kimchi scotch egg (sorry, Vicky!) And they did not disappoint. Perfectly runny egg wrapped in kimchi fried rice and breadcrumbs. LUSH! I recently listened to the BBC4 Food Programme dedicated to the scotch egg championships (it’s a thing and I need to go), and I think this would be a strong contender in the non-traditional category.

I will have one of everything please

Luckily I was friends who share my love of attempting to try as much on the menu as possible – particularly when every dish sounds so exciting. We got pretty close to ordering it all…

  • Two variations of fries (because I love potatoes:
  1. Furikake fries – fries seasoned with signature blend of toasted sesame, nori and shitake
  2. Japanese poutine – Furikake fries topped with cheese, okonomi sauce, mayo, spring onions and bonito flakes
  • Kara-ageh – Yummy and crispy Japanese fried chicken (my love for fried chicken is strong), topped with wasabi mayo and side of kimchi.
  • Katsu-curry-don – Japanese curry rice bowl topped with a panko-crumbed chicken breast cutlet
  • My first ever Okonomiyaki (aka Japanese pizza) – a savoury cabbage pancake with okonomi sauce, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes and ao-nori (seaweed) and toppings of your choice. The bonito flakes actually dance. It’s magic.
  • Sides of pickles, obviously! We chose: Daikon, Lotus root and Fukujintsuke (seven lucky Gods)


Japanese pizza
Dancing food!


Washed down with all the alcohol, we also had a new found confidence to join in the Robin Hood quiz – and came a super close SECOND! Which was a bit of a miracle. If anyone is putting on a pub quiz with Friends and Movie round, we are there!

Tsukemono are at the Robin Hood for the rest of February, but follow them on @wearetsukemono to keep up with their whereabouts, because everyone needs to try a kimchi scotch egg. 🙂



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