Yoga Brunch Club: combining my love of food and yoga

If there is one event that epitomises some of my favourite things, it’s a yoga brunch club! The only exercise that I have ever managed to stick to (and saviour of my sanity), combined with my favourite meal of the day and the opportunity to meet lovely people. And when you host it in a gorgeous setting like the Forge, you have pretty much set me up for a perfect Sunday.

Falling in love with the Forge

Clem set up Yoga Brunch Club four years ago in a local community centre, and now runs monthly events in exquisite venues in Bristol and London that aim to bring together wonderful people who share her passion for food and yoga. The event begins with a 75 minute energetic vinyasa flow, designed to be suitable to all abilities. There is a myth that you need to be flexible to even try a yoga class and people can therefore be intimidated to try it. Clem’s mission is to defy that myth and make classes more accessible to people. A mix of challenging poses, relaxation and play; you are encouraged to work to your own levels and, most importantly, enjoy it!

Dreamy setting for yoga!

Once you have worked up an appetite it’s time to sit down, chat to the people around you and share some scrummy food. Each event is unique; Clem’s love of travel and food means she seeks to collaborate with a variety of incredible chefs. I have so far attended two events (and intend to go to many more) and have had the pleasure of trying food from:

  • Lauren Lovatt  – Chef and teacher, her goal is to elevate natural ingredients. Her menus revolve around showcasing plants in creative ways with a focus on optimum nutrition and are always 100% vegan & gluten free. We shared platters of walnut and pomegranate tacos, chickpea tabouleh, candied roots and smoked kale. A gorgeous churro cheesecake completed the fabulous meal. The food was absolutely stunning and delicious.
Menus designed to share
Art or food? Art? Or food?
The most exquisite dessert
  • Tsekemono AKA “pickled things” introduced us to Japanese soul food. Demonstrating that Japanese food is not just about sushi and ramen, they served up colourful and flavoursome dishes, including some of the best tofu I have ever tried. Yes, that’s right – they made tofu tasty. Keep an eye on @wearetsukemono to follow their pop-ups around Bristol.
Warming miso to start
Some of the best tofu I have ever tried
Japanese food isn’t just about the sushi
Pukka herbs tea & Japanese sweet

The next Bristol yoga brunch event will have the incredible food from Dela, one of my favourite new openings of last year. Oh, and by 1.30 you have already exercised, eaten and socialised! Definitely deserve an afternoon of napping on the sofa in front of a box set.

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