Totterdown: Holding onto the community spirit

Yesterday I did what I do best: I pottered about! ūüôā Whilst this grizzly weather makes me impulsively what to hibernate away under the duvet with a box set, I do sometimes get enough energy and motivation to leave the house, other than a dog walk! My mission was to borrow a hula hoop to practice what feels like the impossible feat of balancing a hoop on my hand! I have been attending weekly beginners hula hoop classes with Cat Hoops and get a ridiculous amount of joy when the hula hoop miraculously keeps hooping!

On my way back home, I visited my favourite sanctuary from busy city life: The Healing Courtyard and Floriography by Vera. Hidden off Wells Road, a little wander around this dreamy space can calm any scattered brain. I also picked up a beautiful posy of flowers and a succulent in a swan that I randomly fell in love with.

Photo of me inside Floriograph, surrounded by nic nacs
Snapped by Jo Howe on a Totterdown adventure – how glorious is Floriography?
I don’t know why I fell in love with this swan so much, but I did!
Flowers bring me so much joy!
Flowers bring me so much joy!

A mini feast (is that an oxymoron?) was subsequently picked up from Fox and West. I ate my weight in crackers and cheese over Christmas, but then neglected this joy! This weather needs comfort food though, and cheese and pickles are my comfort food. Energy levels were back up to tire the pooch out in Victoria Park.

Picky bits!!! The best
Picky bits!! Those crackers are incredible!

And that is why I love my little corner of Bristol! Such cute little spots and things to discover! ūüôā Totterdown is best observed during the annual Front Room Arts Trail.¬†During a¬†wander around local homes and venues, I found gorgeous homemade gifts as well as a wide range of artists (one of¬†whom I have excitingly¬†signed up to drawing classes with next month!) We also discovered Jon’s Beans – who is roasting gorgeous coffee in his house. If you are local and love coffee, I recommend getting in touch via his Facebook as he is looking for people to help give feedback as he experiments with different roasts.

Columbian dark roast is our fav so far!

To keep this lovely community spirit, there is currently a crowdfunder to save the Totterdown Centre. The space is being put up for auction on the 27th Feb 2018 and they are trying to save it from investors who might fail to use the space as a community building and undo all the work in progress to reinvigorate that space into an area that supports the locals. To find out more and see if you can help, see the Save Totterdown Centre crowdfunder page.




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  1. Jane Vellender says:

    Great review of a lovely corner of Bristol that I love too. Can’t wait to start painting together very soon!


    1. kirstybowman says:

      Thank you! I can’t wait either! ūüėä


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