Dela: teaching people how to share food

We all learnt in Friends that “Joey does not share food!” Despite this, I still get confused when I meet people who like to keep to their own dishes. You get to eat the same amount of food (well, if you are quick enough with me – I am a notoriously speedy eater) but try so many more dishes from the menu!

I have recently discovered a new approach to overcoming this conundrum: force them into it by going to a place that is focused on sharing boards. And with a menu as scrumptious as theirs, Dela surely cannot fail to convince the most stubborn into jumping on the sharing approach.

Celebrating the ethos of sharing photo. Photo credit: Dela


I first fell in love with the food from Dela at a pop-up at Harts Bakery. Since then I have been eagerly anticipating the opening of their own restaurant. They have now created a gorgeous and bright space in Easton that celebrates the Scandinavian ethos of sharing food and eating together (Dela = share in Swedish). And importantly, their tables are big enough to fit all the food you order.

The menu focuses on seasonal Veg (with a lot being home grown) with meat being more of a side. Their signature pickles are made daily, including treats such as rainbow beetroot, enoki mushrooms and baby rainbow carrots. We chose the Danish sourdough pancake board as the main, which allowed us to try a selection of the pickled goods in the following toppings (yes, you get all of them…)

  • Sweet pickled mushrooms, mustard seeds, dill and soured cream
  • Squash, radish, seeds and soft herbs salsa
  • Pigs cheek, celeriac remoulade
  • Sea bass ceviche, pickled beetroot and dill

I got a bit too adventurous and tried to fit a bit of everything on one pancake. It’s messy. My favourite combo was to layer a little of the squash and salsa alongside the mushrooms with a topping of the sea bass.

My absolute favourite part of the meal was however, the hasselback potatoes. Served with fresh courgette, creamy goats curd and crunchy toasty nuts this combination was the absolute dream! Admittedly, I have a bit of an obsession with the humble potato, but these were something else! We ate a lot of them, which meant I unfortunately had no space for pud, but it was worth it!

Hasselback potatoes. Pure perfection. Photo credit: Dela


I want to be tucking into this right now!!! Photo credit: Dela


Devoured whilst sipping on a gorgeously dry English white, this was one of my favourites meals in a while. The word has also obviously already got out – the restaurant was packed on the Wednesday eve I visited. I recommend booking to avoid disappointment!


Instagram: @delabristol

Twitter: @Dela_Bristol

And thanks to Dela for the photos – my eagerness to eat meant my shadow features in all my photos!

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  1. Shonette says:

    Can’t wait to visit!

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