Burger Theory: the creative burger people

Burger Theory has long been one of my emergency hangover cures via Deliveroo. You just can’t beat the combo of meat, bread and sauce to get you through a bad time. Add a side of kimchi fries covered with more meat and you are on your way through the nausea to a more content food coma.


It was therefore pretty exciting when I heard of their own premises on St Stephens st (dangerously close to where I work). With a tagline of “The creative burger people” the menu goes far beyond a usual burger in a bun option. Deciding that there should be no limits to what can go in a burger. Taking inspiration from all around the world, their menu includes:

  • The Don: Beef, garlic, oregano and chilli patty with pepperoni, pizza sauce, melted mozzarella and rocket

OR go veggie with exciting options, such as:

  • Fu-Chi (v): Tofu and quinoa burger, melted cheddar, chipotle mayo, kimchi, spring onion, pickled peppers, fresh chillies and sticky Korean chilli sauce

So far I have not been able to resist the KFC. An absolute mountain of Korean fried chicken with a sticky chilli glaze, spring onion and salted peanuts. I just can’t see how the combination of that crispy chicken with sweet and sticky sauce and crunchy peanuts can be beaten. The only way is to get stuck in and deal with the mess at the end. Last time I did not realise I had sauce all over my forehead until I left…



The ultimate proof of their wonderfulness…? This weekend we took my nan to try it. Yes, she only tried the Simple Things options, but the burger and chips were happily chomped down with no complaint. That is big news!


Follow them on social media for the ultimate burger porn:

Instagram: @burgertheoryuk

Twitter: @burgertheoryuk

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