Grillstock: All the meat, music & mayhem!

I’m currently reminiscing about the Summer. Remember those few days of glorious weather where Bristol came alive again with merry dancing people?!?! I miss it so!!

One of the best bits about those few fabulous days was that it magically coincided with a weekend of drinking and eating at Grillstock festival. This was by far my best experience of Grillstock festival so far. This was partly the sunshine, partly the glorious company and partly how Grillstock had upped their game. Expanding out from the amphitheatre to Millennium square, there was abundant space to eat as much meat as you can and dance all those calories away.

Drunken photo
Wine and sunshine and these gorgeous ones… this is what happens….

We witnessed the serious nature of the BBQ competitions, tried incredible burgers from The Beefy Boys (who had the most incredible burger making system), drank refreshing alcoholic iced teas and danced, danced, danced to Craig Charles Funk and Soul (30,000 steps of dancing on Saturday, to be exact). I feel the world would be a happier place if this was constantly playing as you dance-walked your way through life.

Craig Charles on stage at Grillstock Festival

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited down to try the epic combo of Argentinian food from Constancia and wine from South American wineries: Comuna from Argentina and Colinas de Uruguay from Uruguay. Their first Grillstock event, it was great to have an alternative option to cider and beer! The steak sandwich with roasted pepper and chimichurri was divine!!!

Two of the wine options you might recognise from your local supermarket. They have tapped into our familiar favourites of Pinot Grigio and Malbec. We also got to taste our way through exciting new options of Albarino and Tannat from Colinas de Uruguay. Light and fresh flavours, perfect for drinking on Summer’s day!

Steak and red wine – matches don’t get better than this…

The Grillstock festival is only an annual event, but you can get your regular fix of Grillstock BBQ goodness at St Nicks market or on the triangle. Get a sampler and try as much of the meat as you can!!

Next year I am definitely taking the Monday off…

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