CARGO 1 of Wapping Wharf: My eating journey so far…

With the excitement brewing about all the new food and retail options in Cargo 2 on Wapping Wharf, here is a quick round up of some of the fab food I have had so far around Cargo 1 options (I still have a few to try but will update as I go!) Popping up behind M-shed, this group of independents is smashing out some beautiful food and drink options that need to be celebrated! Here is my eating journey so far…

Woky Ko

First up, my personal favourite so far: Woky Ko. Serving up scrummy delights from former Masterchef finalist Larkin Cen, the menu features modern twists on Asian dishes, including a salted caramel bao! I could happily munch on literally any menu item so forced my friends to share pretty much everything (I say forced, all my friends happily share food. That’s why they are my friends.)

Sharing all of the menu!

Sharing plates – Duck wraps – one of my absolute favourite foods and actually the only food I struggle to share (and often order my own portion to avoid any awkwardness), but it was a big portion so all was OK. Phew. Scrummy crispy duck with all the trimmings – DELISH! We also sampled perfectly crisp salt and pepper squid.

The baos – light and fluffy with the perfect ratio of filling to bun. You can take a bite without all the fillings falling out – amazing! We tried the Korean fried chicken and Ox cheek options. Both equally scrumptious. Need to go back for a Bao tasting session to try all the fillings.

Rice and noodle bowls – the decision here was mainly how many dishes we could actually eat! I wanted them all… Braised pork chow mein was a bit of a star of the show as the tenderness of the pork is unbelievable. After confirming with the waiter that he had faith in our eating skills, we ordered both the chicken and the kimchi fried rice. Both incredibly flavoursome; you will have to order both too. 😉

Recommendation: Buy a bottle of prosecco to toast being you and fabulous. No other excuses needed. 🙂 

Wild Beer Co.

To caveat up front, I am not much of a beer drinker. I cannot therefore give much of an opinion on the beer options at Wild Beer Co. (although I have heard they are pretty wonderful)… Their food however, is fab! Having teamed up with Hook Restaurants, who specialise in super tasty and sustainable fish, they provide an exciting “New School” fish and chips menu. I chose the lemon and basil tempura batter fish option, served with chips and garlic truffle sauce. WOW! The tempura batter is much lighter and perfectly crisp, with none of the greasiness you find with from the local chippie.

Lemon and basil tempura batter is immense! 

Wild Beer Co. also has a great outside space for Summer drinking – I cannot wait!


Claim to fame alert: I went to the same school as the founding brothers of Jolly Hog and Pigsty. 🙂 Starting life as the makers of some of the best sausages out there (highly recommend the black pudding option!) they now have a permanent base to show off the quality of their porky treats.

We went for the Pig Board, so we could try a little bit of every part of this sensational pork menu; including pork belly, pulled pork, sausages, scotch eggs (which were amazing) and hoguettes. Coleslaw helps you fulfil your five a day!



I am constantly drooling at pics of their breakfast sandwiches. This is next on my hit list!

Chicken shed

From the team behind Eat Drink Bristol Fashion, Chicken Shed have a great ethos offering dirty chicken options, sourced from the highest welfare organic farms. I am however a believer that chicken acts mainly as a vessel for other flavours and unfortunately needed a bit more flavour added across all dishes when I visited. I visited soon after opening though so may be worth another try.

All the chicken options

Lovett Pies and Corks of Cargo

Lovett Pies are hand crafted with love in the West Country, using local ingredients. You can pick up cold pies to takeaway and eat at home, or do as we did and order a hot pie to eat al fresco.

I chose the Spring option of slow cooked lamb, potatoes, garlic, rosemary and honey. I personally would love more gravy within the pie, but loved the sides of roasted veg and minty peas as I LOVE PEAS!

Being so small a venue, we took the opportunity to take advantage of the first signs of spring (I wore sunglasses that day – practically Summer!) to sit outside, even if we did have to wear coats and scarves. 😉 Big thanks for Corks who saved us from a boozeless dinner – a quick pit stop two doors down meant we were fully equipped with a bottle of chilled crisp white wine and borrowed glasses.


Now to look forward to trying out all the rest of Wapping Wharf options. 🙂

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