Cox and Baloney: New brunch menu is out

Cox and Baloney tea rooms is one of the places in Bristol I always visit and wish I could live there. It is beautiful! I also have a small obsession with vintage crockery, and it is everywhere. I had the wonderful opportunity to try their new brunch menu (which meant I also had an excuse to wear one of my favourite dresses!). Even better, I was not faced with the usual conundrum of choosing one option as we got to share a selection.

Take friends. Make them share with you! Wear a fancy dress as if you are going to a tea party 🙂  

Brunch menu full of delicious options!
My current favourite dress – from a recent Preloved vintage kilo sale

If you are anything like me, you will be distracted by all the cute little touches. These ladies have an eye for detail. Starting seven years ago as a vintage clothes stall, their business has grown organically to permanent premises, with the popularity of the teashop taking over to become the dreamy place it is now.

That mirror. That fire. Swoooooon!

After we had explored every noock and cranny for all the cute spots for photos, we settled down for the first course of porridge. This porridge has inspired me to pimp my breakfast up in future! Topped with apple, almonds, blackberries and date caramel, you got variety with every bite.

Pimp up your porridge!!

Revelation of the day – scrambled tofu on sourdough. I am a little addicted to fried tofu, but have always been a little cautious of tofu in other forms. Deliciously flavoured (a lot of love had definitely gone into this dish) and matched up with tomato, spinach and avocado this was a winning dish for everyone at the table! We want that secret recipe!!!


Pancakes are one of my absolute favourite things, and definitely not something to be kept for pancake day. These thick buckwheat pancakes topped with coconut cream, banana and nuts were incredible. When I go back I will have to make people share so I could have a savoury dish and have this as a breakfast pudding!!


The perfect combo of tasty smashed avocado on toast with feta and the perfect poached egg (see Natalie Brereton’s instagram for the yolk money shot) was next. Yum!


Finally, the scrummy french toast. French toast is epic so needs little selling – just look at how pretty the table is though!!!


We also tried a wide variety of their delicious tea options. My favourites included their new champagne tea (a new deliciously fruity blend) and the “Catherine of Bragaza Peach and White Apricot” – which is a lighter alternative to the usual black tea. The teas all have fabulous names and can be bought to drink at home if you wish from their shop.

Specialising in their own blends of loose leaf tea, you will be drinking tea properly here: brewed for the perfect amount of time (thanks to their cute egg timers) in the most gorgeous tea pots and poured in to the finest china cup and saucer. My nan will only drink tea from a cup and saucer, and I think we should all follow suit!


My next plan is to go back later in the day and try one of their epic sounding gin cocktails, made with homemade tea syrups and served in a teapots. 😍 They also have the cutest “snug” downstairs that can be hired out for your own beautiful tea party experience.

Check them out on their website:

And keep an eye on their social media to see events and beautiful pics!

Twitter: @CoxandBaloney

Instagram: @coxandbaloney

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