Bristol Food Tour: Revisiting and discovering new faves

I love my city. Consequently I love any opportunity to play tourist and explore more of Bristol and, in particular, its food! The best way to do this… The Bristol Food Tour!

I chose to go on their Vegan tour option. To caveat up front, I am not vegan (sorry!). I am however not really meant to eat dairy (my body is not a fan and needs to sleep it off) and I have been making conscious efforts for a while now to reduce my meat intake – this was therefore the perfect option. Also, you are in no way missing out as Jo and Alice (founders of the Bristol Food Tour) have created a tour of fabulous places with wonderfully creative vegan dishes on offer.

What was surprising and great about this tour was the fact that the places we visited were not solely vegan and vegetarian. For one, we started off at a pizza place! I took the recommendation of arriving hungry seriously. Just a smoothie in the morning and I walked the 50 minute journey rather than cheating with the bus to ensure I had worked up a serious appetite by the time I got to our first stop, Flour and Ash. I have been before and went straight for the pizza menu. Here is where my discovery began – their artichoke and vegan pesto dip with flatbread starter is divine! I would have been satisfied if we had ended there. We still had two different pizza options to try though – they were cheeseless, but covered in other delicious toppings so as the cheese was not missed.

Pizza with no cheese? It works people!

My sweet tooth was satisfied next. Hiding from the rain at the nearest bit of shelter we gobbled down a slice of tasty vegan chocolate cake from 280 bakes – a home bakery that specialises in vegan bakes. Having regularly tried vegan baking I understand the science that has to go into it when eggs are taken out of the equation. Mine was gone before it was suggested that you could save some for later – whoops!

Vegan chocolate cake with gooooooey topping

Pipe & Slippers was my biggest surprise. Yes, the place that most of you probably know for legendary nights as a consequence of a Pipe Dream or two (if you do not know what I am talking about I recommend you all take a trip asap) also offers food! Food is provided by Smoke & Glaze, who you may have seen pop up in other establishments over Bristol. They offer incredible Southern American inspired food with a twist. For such a meat based menu, their vegan offering is particularly spectacular: sandwich fillings of fake chorizo (made from Seitan – which was new to me!) and roasted veg, with soul fries (double cooked crispy cajun potatoes with their homemade chimichurri dressing) – YUM!!

Those Soul Fries… drooling at the memory!

The next location was completely new to me. I will however definitely be heading back to Ceres asap as their brunch menu was divine! We were lucky enough to nab a big table and tucked into individual mini portions of black rice pudding with coconut cream and mango first – one for the sweet tooths out there! A stunning plate of smashed avocado on sourdough topped with the best vegan cheese I have so far tried came next. I am already a massive fan of avocado – topped with cheese this dish goes to the next level!

The most beautiful plate of avocado on toast? Yes, I think so
The best vegan cheese ever! And they gave samples out

Time to walk again. To ensure our energy levels were kept up, we stopped for some delicious tasters of Zara’s chocolates. Their Mint chocolate crisp and tangerine and pistachio bite flavours are “accidentally vegan” and delicious. You can find them on North Street, Southville for a delicious chocolate hit.

“Accidentally vegan” chocs 🙂

The last savoury taste was from the lovely people at Eatchu (who have the cutest logo I have ever seen!) Inspired by their travels in Japan, they have researched and now make the most incredible gyoza in their newly refurbished location at the side of St Nicks market. Steamed and fried to have that lovely combo of soft dumplings and crispy bottoms. The spinach and tofu option was my personal fav above the mushroom and leek option.

The best gyoza and the BEST logo

With what little space I had left (luckily I have a separate sweet stomach) we tackled some delicious treats from Aah Toots from within the market. Not only do they have the most adorable stand offering sweet and savoury baked goods to satisfy all lunchtime needs, they also make the most incredibly beautiful cake creations. Follow them on instagram and marvel at how wonderful they are!

Spoilt for choose for vegan treats at Aah Toots


Highly recommend to any food lover, whether you are a fully fledged Bristolian or just visiting. Loved the opportunity to visit existing favourites and taste dishes I would usually not have chosen as well as discover new amazing places! Great selection of independents, all with their own food story to tell and lovely to share the experience with fellow food and Bristol lovers!

Full info and ticket details can be found on their website:

If you are not yet convinced, follow them on social media to see more pics of the amazing food you could be eating:

Twitter: @bristolfoodtour

Instagram: @thebristolfoodtour

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