My creative inspirations

When I am not in process and organisation mode at work, I tend to better live up to my “eccentric art teacher” look. A colleague (and friend – colleague sounds too formal) recently referred to me as a “Corporate hippy” to cover both parts of my confusing personality. I am taking it as a compliment… What I am not particularly good at is focusing my creativity in one direction. I like to draw, knit, crochet, write (obviously), bake, do yoga… I have not quite worked out a way to either fit it all in or choose a smaller list.

Some of the gorgeous people in my life seem to have got it nailed though – and provide me with constant creative inspiration. As life is increasingly showing me how you need to fully appreciate the fabulous things in life, here is a fairly shameless shout out to some of my wonderful friends and family members.

Gemma Savagar of Ethie and the Wild ones. 

If you are looking for the most beautifully well made and stunningly designed clothes for a tiny loved one – you cannot beat the creations of Gemma Savagar. With an excitable one year old herself (who has stolen my heart with his smile and dancing legs when he sees me 🙂 ) I am in constant wonder of this lady. I am also very unsubtley hinting at adult sized versions of her creations (even more so now I have put it in this blog post! HA!)

You can buy on etsy –

Also recommend following on instagram to see new creations in progress (and Ethan’s adorable face modelling them!) – @ethieandthewildones

Naomi Colton of Naomi Colton music

Naomi got me through my music GCSE; tirelessly and repeatedly playing The Bangles, Eternal Flame (classic) on the keyboard until I could sing it to a sufficient level. To this day I have no idea why I chose music…. Anywho, her music talent is wonderful, and her lovely patient nature means she is the perfect teacher!

If you are looking for flute or piano lessons, look no further than

She also created a unique composition as a present for me for Christmas. It made me cry it was such a beautiful thing!

Bow Dacious 

Aka my brother and make up artist at MAC. Bow has been giving in to my whims and has been transforming my hair for years! Now he has focused his endless creative talents into transforming people’s faces. He has a particular talent for making people look and feel like a million dollars!

Follow him on instagram for constant inspiration on how to best use your face as a canvas: @bow.dacious_makeup

Kate Williams

When she is not helping people enhance their living space with lovely pieces of furniture, she paints glorious paintings. She can pretty much paint any thing in any style, which she has tested over the years and I am constantly amazed by. Her style has now developed into stunning, colourful and textured pieces.

I will at some point fulfil my dream of putting on a Sex and the City style gallery opening with her work. 🙂

Explore her work and get in contact on her website: and follow her never ending creative talents on instagram: @studiokatewilliams .

Now, if someone can help me work out where to focus my creativity, that would be most wonderful!



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