Pho: You can pho your own way…

(Good luck getting the song out of your head…..)

There is quite the competition in Bristol for pho. We can’t seem to get en0ugh of the flavoursome Vietnamese soup.

I recently tried out Pho on Corn Street and kind of fell in love with it. Why…

  1. You can get a bib! I am a renowned messy eater (last time I went I somehow managed to dip my hair in the pho; quite the feat when my hair is so short).
  2. You can play around with the flavours – the pho is tailored to your taste buds. The additions of seasoning and herbs make it a fun interactive meal, tweaking and adding as you go until you have your most perfect broth!

Yes they are a chain, but they have got a pretty cute story (I am a sucker for a story). Stephen and Juliette Wall opened Pho, London’s first Vietnamese street food restaurant in 2005 after they travelled to Vietnam and fell in love with the food.

I ordered the Phở bò combo – mainly because I love how it sounds, but also the amount of meat it comes with – steak, brisket and meatballs. I added pretty much all the additional ingredients because I got a bit carried away with the novelty of it all. You can be more sensible and focused to your taste bud needs.

I can also confirm the tofu option is pretty darned tasty!

Side angle of soup with a plate of herbs, chilli, lime and beansprouts
Ready to add all the flavours
Two bowls of meat pho from above
All the meats!


From above shot of tofu pho with plate of flavourings next to it
For the veggies…

Little warning – these harmless bowls of broth are pretty darned filling. The starters and sides are super tempting though and we managed to squeeze in the veggie spring rolls (Chả giò). Wrapped up with a bit of lettuce and mint they are something pretty special. Definitely worth the post lunch coma.

Spring rolls with lettuce and dip
Eyes bigger than belly!!

Definitely recommend a little trip down Corn Street next time you get that pho craving!!

Find out more about their story on their website:

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