Pi Shop: Not just about the pizza…

With its link to Casamia, I had no doubt that Pi Shop was going to be fabulous. After moving Casamia into its new central home in the newly renovated General Hospital, excitingly the Sánchez brothers have now expanded their culinary genius, going back to the family’s pizzeria roots (and there are plans for more exciting things too!)


We have a bit of a love for eating and drinking by the river here in Bristol, which makes the location pretty perfect. They’ve created a great, friendly atmosphere too. The decor is clean and fresh, with views of the kitchen and the star of the show, the incredible wood-fired pizza oven, as you go in.

Whilst the menu is at first sight fairly simple – it’s all about the pizza – the toppings are from it. The menu changes regularly, but on my visits toppings have included flavour combinations such as goats cheese, pine nuts and purple sprouting broccoli or a selection of the finest cured meats. The sourdough base is thin and crisp with doughy crusts. Yum!


With pizza prices around the  £10 mark (with some specials being a little bit more) it can be the perfect lunch or mid-week treat. You can also easily make it something a bit more special (as we recently did for my mum’s birthday) by indulging in one of their fabulous cocktails (or two… or three). My favourite so far has been the raspberry and black pepper bellinis.  😋 The rest of the family were particularly in love with their recent gin and tonic based sessional cocktail (“best G&T I’ve ever had” Mother Goose, 2016).



Still have room for more after all the pizza? You need to try the ice cream. Again flavours change, but they are always interesting. We tried raspberry, vanilla and basil! Delish!!!!



Example menus can be found on their website, where you can now book a table: http://www.thepishop.co.uk/

You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all their new fabulous flavour combos on offer: @PiShop_

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