Deliveroo: Tuk Tuck goodness

Deliveroo has been a bit of a game changer in the world of take aways. These days you can pretty much order any meal from any local restaurant to be delivered to your door, and quick (thanks to the speedy guys and girls whizzing around on bikes). So dangerous! If box sets weren’t already doing a pretty stirling job of tying me to my sofa, now I don’t even leave my comfy position to eat my favourite food. I don’t even stand up to order as it’s so easy to order pretty much anything on your phone these days (hence my increasingly bad online shopping habit!)

Since Deliveroo expanded into the BS3 area, I’ve tried my best to limit the times I order (although it’s so tempting to do it often!) We’ve had a mass burger order to work (the best pay day treat), I’ve shared a huge meat sharing platter from Grillstock  (and recovered from meat sweats for days… worth it though for those burnt ends!) One of my absolute favourites though is Tuk Tuck. Fresh, delicious Asian street food and the ultimate value for money! I could easily eat everything off their menu, but if im not sharing, I have a few go to options:

Kimchi Fries – topped with chicken, beef or tofu. If you haven’t tried these yet, then get ordering now! Combining stodge of the Fries, the gut healing and sourness benefits of Kimchi, protein of choice (personal fav is the beef; although tofu works equally as good if going meat free) and topped with chipotle mayo…. can’t get much more of a balanced meal in my opinion! 😜

Bimbimbap – not just one of the most fun words to say! Rice, again protein of choice, veg, egg and the all important traditional ‘Gochujang’ Korean chilli sauce to stir in! Follow the cute message on the top of the pack!

Kimbap – the Korean version of sushi. My fab is the fried tofu with veg, wrapped in the sesame filled rice. Yum!



20160712_191209Tempted to order now? Get on to!


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