Get Bendy: My Kind of Yoga Retreat

Last year I decided I wanted to run away from it all and go on a yoga retreat. In actual fact it took a little more prep and planning than trying to escape that very weekend: I upped my practice of yoga to 3-4 times a week and with that my love for yoga increased; I recruited a yoga buddy to come with me (the lovely Margherita); and importantly, built up my collection of yoga leggings. I then went on the hunt for the perfect yoga retreat; trickier than expected as there are so many options out there!

I found it though: Airstream Yoga retreat on the Isle of Wight with Get Bendy. Run by the lovely Carol, her fairly laid back approach to a yoga holiday really appealed to me. Rather scared by the more intense sounding options, where all the food and drink offering are raw and fruit and veg based, this holibob offered wholesome food, time to relax and explore the local area and fun and friendly yoga! Plus you got to stay on an Airstream caravan park (run by Helen of Vintage Vacations) which looked amazing!


Carol has been teaching yoga for years, providing a mix of different yoga practices (all her favourite aspects, basically). There was a range of abilities amongst the lovely ladies that joined us on our getaway, from yoga teachers, through fellow intermediate yogis, to newbies that wanted to give it a try. Carol’s approach to teaching was perfect: clearly describing the different positions and providing variations whether you wanted to give yourself a bit of a challenge or take it a bit easier.

I particularly loved how varied the different sessions were. There were five classes over three days, building up in energy levels over the weekend. We were also fairly lucky with the weather and the rain only prohibited us for carrying out our yoga in the beautiful outside surroundings once. 🙂 We began on Friday evening (having excitingly explored our homes for the weekend) with a slower practice that helped us connect with ourselves and the earth and forget about anything else that may be going on our worlds. Saturday morning began with a balance session, with the added challenge of carrying out poses on a wonky grassy ground. The evening’s power and core focused class made me feel slightly less guilty about the subsequent indulgences in the pub that evening. Sunday morning was more gentle, hiding inside from the rain and focusing on heart opening. The rain fortunately went away that evening for a more playful class on the beach. My favourite class and the best way to end such a lovely weekend of yoga!





A special mention needs to be made about the fabulous Vintage Vacations. From whimsical beginnings (buying their first airstream on eBay after one or two two many glasses of red wine) they now run a range of beautifully styled and intriguing glamping venues on the Isle of Wight. Having previously worked in photography and styling, the attention to detail in each caravan (we had a bit of a nose around) is amazing. I can only imagine the amount of fun that would have been had sourcing all the props and interiors.





The food was also scrumptious. Apart from a jolly evening in the pub on Saturday night, we mostly ate onsite. Tasty treats were served from the hatch of Mabel (adorable): providing delicious treats such as raw chocolate cake (which I have since recreated), porridge covered in fresh fruit, Caribbean style curries and fresh toast with bacon and maple syrup. We did not go hungry AT ALL and there was always plenty for seconds. 20160710_204742




Finally, I could not have asked for a more friendly group of people to spend our holiday with. So many interesting lives and stories. So much inspiration! Donna and Dayna, I shall also be stealing your quote in the future: “we are not retired, we are reinspired.” Love it!

Lots of love in particular for this fellow smiley, wine drinking, legging addict yogi! Can’t wait to plan our next yoga adventure!!


Great weekend. I was very sad to say goodbye!


Inspired to try out a Get Bendy holiday OR just want to stay in one of the wonderful Vintage Vacation options? Website details are here:


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  1. Beautifully written! You captured our retreat experience with all the right words! Thank you!!!


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