Fusion Cakes and Bakes: Taste tester!!

Admittedly, I have quite an addiction to social media. I keep trying to curb it, but sometimes it pays off and then I justify my addiction to myself all over again!

A recent example: after spotting a pretty scrumptious looking chocolate mint cake on my Twitter feed I joked about offering up my taste testing skills. Next thing I know, I’m meeting the lovely Rosa from Fusion Cakes and Bakes being offered a selection of different treats to try. Fusion Cakes and Bakes is a home bakery focused on providing healthy, yet delicious, gluten-free cakes, bites and breads, with options that are also sensitive to other dietary needs. Spurred on by noticing some of the struggles of her friends and family with coeliac disease, she started experimenting with different gluten and dairy free recipes that were also, most importantly, nutritional and tasty!

As someone who has several food intolerances (reactions are not too dramatic, but it is definitely best for me to avoid dairy, sugar and yeast) I am immediately in love with this concept. I got so excited at all the options I had available to me, I had devoured the first one within about 10 minutes of getting home. An incredibly gooey and sticky banana and toffee slice. Super indulgent, I would never guess this was free of anything.


I was trying to wait before eating the rest, but in reality I lasted a couple of hours. I made myself feel slightly better by opting for the healthiest of the options, the carrot cake. Raw and vegan, it is not the usual texture. It’s made with Tigernuts flour, a naturally sweet gluten-free option which is also high in fibre. The frosting, a tricky thing to do without sugar or dairy, is made with cashew nuts for texture and dates for sweetness.


Number three (I was totally spoilt) was a beautiful chocolate orange tartlet. The base combines Tigernuts flour, coconut and cashew nuts flour with lucuma, tumeric, ginger and orange to make a light and super flavoursome “pastry” base. It’s filled with an orange-chocolate ganache that is the perfect blend of bitter notes and fresh orange zing to make it easy to devour in one fell swoop and topped with organic dried edible flowers to make it that little bit more special. It is a tricky decision, but I have decided this is my favourite; the perfect level of sweetness for me and stunning to look at.



The final cake was a new one bring tested ready for Christmas (and the picture that started the Twitter conversations), a chocolate and mint cake. Made with fresh mint leaves it has a much fresher flavour than the artificial mint taste you may be used to which I enjoyed immensely. Sprouted buckwheat and raw cacao powder in the base give it a bit of a crunch that balances the softer, truffle texture of the middle section (made up of dehydrated and sprouted almonds made into a butter with some maple syrup, raw cacao and cacao butter.


To top all this off, approximately 90% of all ingredients are organic and all the packaging is eco-friendly 😊


Want to try out some of these amazing treats? Check out the range on the Fusion Bakes and cakes website. She’s also currently working on Christmas hampers this year, if anyone is looking for present ideas for me… 😉


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