Eating under the stars…

Bristol comes alive in the sunshine. We Bristolians (and adopted Bristolians) are generally a pretty happy bunch of people, but add sunshine into the mix and those grins get that little bit bigger and we flock to any outside space where we can do what we do best – eat and drink! This might be sat on the side of the harbour with legs dangling  over the side, sat outside in one of our many epic beer gardens or, you know, on a boat… It’s the latter (and most random sounding) that has become a regular favourite with some of the lovely ladies I work with.


I have regularly been tempted there for drinks in the sunshine; however, on recent trips it’s their delicious tapas menu that keeps making us head on board the Under the Stars bar. Inspired by travel and Mediterranean, the menu is so tempting I have pretty much tasted everything now, so I won’t go through them one-by-one. Here’s a little bit about some of my favourites:

  • Calamari: always a winner for me. Crispy rings of deep fried squid, cooked so as not too rubbery, ready to dip into tangy boat-made aioli. I can eat platefuls of calamari to myself, so we generally order two portions!
  • Chorizo con cidre: cooked in somerset cider, onions and pimento, the remaining cooking juices are perfect mopping up material for the basket of french bread provided.
  • Dry fried padron peppers, lightly salted with sea salt and olive oil. I have been warned that there is a risk of extreme spice with these peppers; however, I we have been obviously lucky as these were even edible for my very weak taste buds.




The perfect location for sunny food and drinks. Also look out for cute little bits of furniture inside! It’s not just about the novelty of sitting atop a boat in the middle of the city. 🙂

Keep an eye on their website for upcoming events: and follow them on Twitter: @StarsBar.

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  1. ionamcleod says:

    The food looks lovely! Having moved to Bristol in September I’ve discovered there’s nothing better than sitting by the harbour in the sunshine! 🙂 Love your blog!


    1. kirstybowman says:

      The harbourside in the sun is the best!! Welcome to Bristol 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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