Yoga: Finding my zen…

My work life can be quite hectic. Working to multiple deadlines at a time, it can often be a bit of whirlwind and despite an outwardly calm persona (so I’ve been told) my mind is often going a little bit mental…

Here is where yoga has become my saviour. A full hour completely dedicated to me, myself and I. It teaches focus, strength and flexibility. It’s not just chanting and stretching; a common miscomprehension.

It’s only over the last few months that I have completely fallen in love with it and all the benefits that come with practicing yoga on a regular basis. Mostly thanks to the lovely Flow yoga studios (handily within 10 minutes of my house) and their great teachers. Whether you are completely new to yoga and have no idea what is meant by “Downward Facing Dog”, or a seasoned pro hanging out in headstands for hours on end, the teachers all provide variations on the positions so you can make the class whatever is best for you on that day. 


There are days I feel strong and focused. Recently this allowed my body to finally push itself into wheel pose. Other days I feel like I could wobble over just standing up straight at the beginning and need to bring my mind into the practice (and not what I am planning on having for dinner). I continue to notice progress in both my strength and flexibility and keep playing around with new poses. Crow pose and headstand are next!

Copy of wheel2


Another bonus is that it supports my other love: shopping! Once I had proved to myself that it wasn’t just a fad, I could allow myself to start building up my collection of yoga outfits. The leggings range out there is particularly special. 🙂 Having booked a retreat in July, I am looking forward to showing off the full collection.

I will be trying to monitor my progress here as and when I learn new poses. Watch this space. 

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  1. I’ve been thinking about starting yoga recently and reading this has just made me decide that I’m gonna do it. Thank-you!


    1. kirstybowman says:

      Amazing! Let me know how you find your first class; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂


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