Yoga Brunch: Best way to start a Sunday. ..

As most of us kickstart our ‘holier than thou’ attitude to healthy living, I thought it was high time I reflected on and shared one of the most virtuous experiences of last year.

Now, Harts Bakery is not usually somewhere you would head when planning a bit of a health kick. There are way too many tempting treats in the form of cakes, pastries and bread goods (although they do make an amazing and healthy Good Loaf). On one Sunday at the end of November however, the place was transformed into a mini health retreat for the morning. Bristol City Yoga and Come to Good Food took over to provide the most relaxing of experiences to get your Sunday off to the best start ever.

Ariving at 9.30am to grab a mat space (I know it’s fairly early for most people on a Sunday, but trust me it is worth it) we were ready to start out 90 minute yoga session. For anyone who hasn’t tried yoga and may think it’s just a lot of stretching and breathing, you should give it a go. Yoga may be more relaxing than many a workout at the gym; however you will be using muscles that have been hiding away until now as you hold position after position for what seems an age.  And you’re improving your flexibility for when the cereal box game comes out at parties. 😉

Finishing up with a bit of meditation it was time for brunch.  This was your greasy-spoon type fry up experience though. Nemia, from Come to Good Food, had rustled up the most delicious of healthy spreads. Starting with granola, yoghurt (sheep’s for me) and fruit compote, we then delve into toast (from a selection of breads, including Harts Bakery’s own Good Loaf) topped with avocado and pepper relish. Or a selection  of jams and raw honey. If you had room there was also a delicious fritata on offer, together with gluten free banana bread.

Filled up with delicious healthy food (earned through the intense yoga session) and a scrummy coffee from Harts Bakery,  I walked home with a spring in my step and the slight smug look of satisfaction of how I had spent my Sunday morning. 🙂

photo grid of coffee, granola and a treat wrapped in greaseproof
Delicious yet healthy treats

Rumours have it that Bristol City Yoga and Come to Good Food are planning to combine forces on a monthly basis going forward, so keep an eye out for her plans. I may just see you there! 🙂

Bristol City Yoga


Twitter: @BristolCityYoga

Come To Good Food


Twitter: @come_to_good


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