Bath Priory: Bringing the culinary delights of Bath to me…

This year I chose Bath Priory from the fabulous array of fine dining options. I have read some pretty fabulous things about Bath Priory; however despite the fact that Bath is practically on our doorstep I rarely venture there! So, the opportunity to try it out just 2 minutes walk from where I work was too good to miss. With these events, you have to put a lot of trust in the genius of the chefs as the menu is often not revealed when you book. I was incredibly pleased with this eve’s offering as I absolutely loved every course! Even the one featuring mushroom (which I usually avoid at all costs!)

First up came the casually named egg and soldiers. An adorable egg box arrived in front of each of us (I am admittedly a sucker for these touches), within which sat an eggshell containing a mix of slow cooked duck egg and mushroom veloute with a crispy stalk of asparagus ready for dipping. Super delicious. The mushroom flavours were perfectly balanced so my non-mushroom taste buds still lapped it up.

duck egg served in an egg shell in an egg box with two stalks of asparagus coverd in batter
The snazziest egg and soldiers combo

Bath chaps (which I have later discovered are made from pig cheeks) were gobbled up so quickly I forgot to take a photo. A mixture of apricot chutney and almonds were a lovely combination to top the piece of spelt bread. Almost like having a very textured pate and chutney combo.

The fish course of cured Lock Duart salmon served prettily on a plate with beetroots, horseradish  and lime even won over my fish hating dinner date (who I am slowly convincing that you should try everything on these tasting menus). The texture of the salmon was fabulous. I also loved the sharpness of the lime flavour with the horseradish.

Cubes of cured salmon with cubes of beetroot and small dollops of horseradish cream
Cured salmon that will persuade any non-fisher lover round…

Perfectly pink Wiltshire lamb was served as the main course. The portion size was well planned with the right amount of crispy jersey potatoes, and  onions to make like you feel like you could carry onto the subsequent dessert dishes. The addition of curry flavours was a surprising but very welcome addition. Although I am a massive fan of the usual mint sauce, it was nice to try something new.

To refresh the palate, a scrumptious shot glass full of a vanilla butter milk and vodka combination topped with a crisp slither of apple.

A shot glass topped with an apple crisp a dollop of sorbet
I may have had a cheeky nibble of the apple here,,,

And to top it all off, they had saved the best til last!!! Chocolate delice snazzily dressed up with a bit of gold leaf was served with passion fruit and, incredibly, Szechuan pepper. If I had not already eaten so many courses, I could have eaten about five of these. Bitter chocolate is one of my favourite things, and the passion fruit accompaniment meant that it was not too intense and you could eat more of it! Yes!!

A rectangle chocolate delice with passion fruit sorbet on the side. Photo taken from above
Stunning. Just stunning.

I may have got carried away with the adjectives here, but I really did love each part of the evening and feel it deserves it! The meal was on the pricier side compared to the tapas but worth every penny in my opinion. Also, as you pay in advance for the meal it felt like a bargain when only the drinks bill arrived (is it only me that tries to fool myself like this…?)

The head chef, Sam Moody, obviously knows his stuff when it comes to flavour combinations. Would definitely recommend a visit to Bath Priory next time you’re pottering around the lovely Bath.

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