Bagel Boy: Bagels have got BIG!!

You’ve got to give a place extra kudos when they manage to incorporate their main food offering into their Christmas decorations. And that is what the recently opened Bagel Boy on St Nicholas Street has managed to do with relish. Look closely at the decorations hanging on the wall and you’ll notice that the glittery circles originated as a food stuff. Ornate bagels also adorn the Christmas tree! Amazing! I nod my head slowly in awe and appreciation.

Photo of the christmas tree covered in bagel decorations
Bagel decorations!!!

Anywho, it may so happen that your visit to Bagel Boy is not around the festive period, so you need to know that the food is worth a visit with or without the decorations…

Photo of a christmas wreath with a glittery bagel in the middle
Spot the bagel….

Bagel Boy has popped up all over Bristol in several forms. You may have previously chowed down on one while sneaking a cheeky lunchtime beer at the Elbow Rooms on Park Street. They also now reside under a rather wonderful hairdressers, Shambarber (home of the best hairdresser in Bristol, Sean Bowman ***cough…might be my brother….cough****) to keep hunger at bay while your hair is transformed!! Their most recent location however is just along from Vodka Revolution on St. Nicholas Street.

A fully licenced restaurant, the new Bagel Boy is open for late brekkie, lunch and dinner. All menu items are based around the …”XXXX Boy” theme. I’ve been for lunch and dinner and so far only ordered the “Finger Boy” as it is soooo good…. The bagels are fat and filled to the ‘eat quickly before all the contents fall out’ stage. In the case of the finger boy you get deliciously crunchy fish goujons topped with liberal helpings of minty mushy peas (one of my favourite food things in the food world; I could eat minty peas as a meal) and tartare sauce.

Photo of the fish boy bagel with chips and coleslaw
The immense coleslaw and Fish Boy!

Generally good value, the bagels on their own ranging from the £3.50 – £6ish mark, you can fill your boots even more with their £10 deal. For a measly tenner you can get a bagel AND chips AND a side (coleslaw or BBQ beans) AND a beer! I know – crazy value! The chips are thin, crispy and salty – perfect! The BBQ beans are super flavoursome and saucy. Surprisingly for me though, the highlight of the side action was the coleslaw: the usual crispy cabbage, onion and carrot combo was taken to a new level with the addition of wholegrain mustard. I’m slowly becoming more and more of a coleslaw convert. And the portions are big!!! I forced myself to finish and then regretted it as immediately fell into a food coma when I got home. Bread products are my eating nemesis!

The finger boy was the popular choice on our table, but a few went off piste. The “Hot boy” – comprising of a juicy burger, bacon, jalapenos and spicy mayo – was described as “blimmin’ awesome” with the burger being up there with the likes of the Burger Joint. High praise from the dinner date!

Photo of the hot boy bagel and chips
“Hot Boy” – comes with a definite kick!

Bagel Boy was also a big hit with the veggies with so many non-meat based options. The “Veggie Boy” tempted one of our party with its inclusion of the mighty halloumi. It was wolfed down so quickly the rest of us had barely taken a bite. Good sign methinks.

Go there for a mighty filling lunch. Go there for a tasty dinner and a beer. Go hungry. GO NOW!!!

Twitter: @BagelBoyBristol

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