Wallfish Bistro: Glugging jugs, naughty cookbooks & scrummy food…

Sometimes an event in life calls for a mid-week celebration; and in my mind the best way to celebrate is with some yummy food. After seeing pictures of a legendary breakfast pop up on my Twitter news feed pretty much every week I figured if a restaurant can deliver a breakfast to such a high standard, their evening menu must be pretty special. That is how one Wednesday eve we arrived in the delightful Wallfish Bistro.

Tucked up along Princess Victoria Street by the Avon Gorge, this cosy restaurant is full of little quirks. Water is served in wonderful fish jugs that glug away as the water is poured. The book shelves are full of the most interesting cook books and definitely worth a peruse – several have made it on to the Christmas list. A warming electric fire warms up the downstairs area while records play on the old player. However, the most entertaining of reads was found when I popped to the loo (I’ll leave you to discover that one)!

Photo of a fish jug
Glug glug glug…

A restaurant immediately wins me over when they can serve me an Aperol spritz as I make my food choices. They also serve Fever Tree tonic with the gin, something that I still try and convince the dinner date makes for a far superior gin and tonic.

Photo of an aperol spritz with fever tree tonic water in the background

Food envy took over during the starters as I watched my dinner date make his way through the most delicious plate of herb baked queen scallops lavishly covered in a crunchy and super tasty chorizo butter. I was allowed one but I think that one was transferred to my plate with a little resentment. 😉 I satisfied myself with the cuttlefish croquettes with a tangy tartare sauce, however the scallops would definitely be my choice next time.

photo of scallop dish
Chorizo topped scallops – OH YES!
Photo of the duck!
Duck duck duck duck…
Photo of wallfish burger
Delicious burger

This is the point when I was irritated with the powers of my stomach. It would not take any more food and dark chocolate mousse with salt caramel and crème fraiche was staring at me from the menu. Alas I will have to go back for pudding! Hmmmm maybe just the scallops followed by the mousse..?

As a small warning, although we confidently strolled in on a weekday eve, I would recommend booking. The lovely waitress must have seen hunger in our eyes and took pity on us by seating us downstairs, but this little place fills up quickly and you don’t want to be disappointed!


Twitter: @WallfishBistro

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