Lunching around Queen Square…

Working in Queen Square I am massively spoilt for choice when it comes to what I can eat on ‘lunch out Fridays’. Not only do we have the legendary St. Nick’s Market – where you can sample food from all round the world for around a fiver – there is also a few other places that tempt me in…

Sandwich Sandwich…

Opening a few months ago, this family run sandwich shop took over the location of the also double-named ‘nom-nom’. They won me over even before they opened up with their pun themed sign hanging on the door ‘Shut happens’. 😉

They serve a variety of sandwiches (surprise surprise) which you can choose your own filling should none of the menu options take your fancy. Hot sandwiches filled to the brim with meat and tasty toasty flatbreads also have people queuing up outside the door. Since they have opened, controversially it has been their salads that have kept bringing me back though. Choose any meat or cheese and then load up your container with as much as you can squeeze in of potato salad, cous cous, artichokes, pretty much anything you can think of! Have the large option (£5.50) and you will struggle to fit in anything else for the rest of the day.

photo of flatbread
Veggie flatbread (***this was not my lunch***)

It is worth leaving room though to squeeze in one of their immense soft boiled scotch eggs. I encourage you to take a visit just for one of these…

Photo of half a scotch egg
This is making me drool just looking at it…

Follow them on Twitter for constant sandwich temptation: @mmmSandwich


…Or Baowow-wow-yippee-yo-yippee-yay as referred to by one of my colleagues. 🙂 This became my addiction for a few weeks when I kept finding myself at the counter asking for a “duck-duck bao” £5 lunch deal. A deliciously light steamed bun filled with duck, crunchy crackling, hoisin sauce and coriander – I cannot eat enough of these! Choose the bao, and for your 500 pennies you also get a sweet noodle salad and drink of your choice (of which I recommend the iced tea if you have a bit of a sweet tooth!) If the idea of a bao does not make your mouth water, you can also get a variety of rice and noodle dishes. For me though, it will always be a duck-duck bao! 😉

Photo of the duck duck bao
Might have accidentally chomped into the bao before I took a photo…

Woolly Cactus

A little bit more of a trek from Queen Square but so worth it. This little shack sits on Victoria Street and is recently under new management. With everything cooked in the early hours of each morning and fresh ingredients laid out on the counter, you can almost trick yourself into thinking you are being good to yourself. I went for the tacos as I can struggle with a burrito having seemingly lost a lot of my eating powers since starting the 5:2 diet. Three soft tacos come filled with either chicken, pulled pork, beef or veggie chilli (I went for the three different meats) and topped with any possible Mexican topping you can think of. Chicken was my personal fav!

Most of the rest of the group went for a burrito – filled to the brim with rice, beans, meat and toppings. Everyone had big grins on their faces – good sign! And the service was super friendly.

Spicer and Cole

Sometimes I think my office keeps this café in business, the amount of people who are always running and grabbing something from here. A particular flapjack addict in the office certainly helps towards their profits!

Baguettes and flatbreads filled with fillings such as goats cheese and veg, or chicken and pesto, sit temptingly on the counter; however, my usual preference is a slice of frittata and side salad, which usually consists of delicious combinations such as beetroot and goats cheese or aubergine cous cous. Yum! It’s a bit more pricy than some of the other nearby places, but you can get a snickers brownie – which is one of the most gooey and indulgent things I have ever tried!

They’ve also just opened up another café in Clifton which is another dangerous temptation for me on weekends. 🙂


OK – I know it’s not quite along the same lines as the rest of the options, but if you accidentally have one too many glasses of wine on a school night and need something to soak that up, then Hotcha is your place. For £5 you get a starter, main and a drink – you can’t ask for better value from that. They seem to have slightly reduced their portions recently – where you used to be able to spread it over 2 lunches you can now power through the whole thing in one go – but it is still masses for your money. I generally end up ordered the chicken satay and chicken katsu curry – very satisfying!

Have I missed anywhere?? Let me know and I’ll give it a try and add it to the list!

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