The Stable: Pizza, pies and cider – need I say more…

Tuesday is not the greatest day of the week. At least  Monday you’re still relishing in the excitement of your weekend. Wednesday onwards you’re over hump day and powering through to the next weekend. Tuesday is a mission though. I have however worked out a way to make it better: ‘TUCK IN TUESDAY’ at The Stable!

The Stable menu
Tuck in Tuesday menu!

Recently opened on the Harbourside, The Stable specialises in three things: pizza, pies and cider. And on a Tuesday you can gorge on a pizza or pie with a salad and 1/2 cider (or soft drink) for a tenner – BARGAIN! With over 70 different ciders on offer as well there has got to be a cider for every taste-bud!

I have been twice and so far I have been tempted by the same pizza topping – the Lamb Roast. On the second visit I did manage to sway myself slightly away by swapping half for The West Country Porker (a combination of the award winning Bath Pig Co. chorizo, mozzarella & topped with peppery rocket) but I still kind of wished I had the whole of the lamb roast to myself. The combination of delicious chunks of lamb, its best friend mint, sweet potato, onions and my main addiction – goats cheese – cannot be beaten. The Stable do not scrimp on toppings in any way either, so I recommend choosing an option with a mixture of meat and veg so you don’t get hit my meat overload!

The pizzas have a perfect thin crust which makes you feel a little less guilty about the fact you are stuffing your face with pizza, washed down with a cider on a Tuesday. It comes on a board with your own pizza cutter – a novelty that I loved – so you can cut your pizza slices to your desired width, or freestyle it!

Photo of lamb roast pizza
Lamb roast on a pizza – HELLO!

Pizza not your thing? Then the ultimate comfort food, the pie, is on offer to warm you up as the weather starts to get colder. I am determined to try a pie for myself next time as the board of pie, herby roasted potato wedges, salad and a pickled onion (why not!?!?!) looked delightful! With fillings like ham hock, black pudding and pea on offer I am not sure how I have resisted so far! Reports back are that the pies are scrummy – just be careful not to burn your mouth on the wedges!

Photo of the pie

One word of warning – the Avonmouth Angler (smoked salmon, smoked mackerel and spinach) was decided to be too fishy, even for the extreme fish lovers on the table!

Photo of the fish pizza
There is such thing as too much topping…

Next time the mission is to leave enough room to try their apple crumble pie. Not quite sure about the idea of pizza pudding though….

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