Meat & Bread: A more permanent base…

With the upcoming launch of Bristol EATS (or bEATS) tomorrow, I thought it only right to quickly share the EPIC sandwiches from one of the street food vendors involved, Meat & Bread!

A lot of you may have been part of the queues of people who used to line up as soon as they could at lunchtime on College Green, waiting for the Meat & Bread cart to come along and provide deliciously cured meats in perfect bread rolls. I was one of those people who fell in love with their sandwiches when asked if I wanted the whole of my beef sandwich dipped in gravy. Who would say no to this question!?!?!?

Well ladies and gents, it’s just got a whole better. While you used to have to stand in the cold and rain (due to the unfortunate British weather) you can now sit in a nice warm nearby pub (The Three Tuns) with a beverage while you wait for your sandwich order. Even better, the sandwich selection has expanded from a choice of two to five or six. It also includes veggie options! Have a drool over the Meat & Bread menu. Just to make sure you avoid disappointment and don’t every go at the wrong time, the sandwiches are served Tuesday to Saturday, 12-2pm to 6-9pm.

With ten years’ experience in smoking and curing meat using their own using secret recipes, Meat & Bread take their sandwich ingredients SERIOUSLY!!! This is not your standard ham and piccalilli!

Last Friday I had the excellent experience of sharing two of the menu options (it’s just not right to ever just sample one thing off a menu, I always like to share when I can ;-).

Our choices were:

PBLT: Cured pork belly, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, pimento cheese, roast garlic mayo. Tender pieces of pork sat on a bed of crisp lettuce and the perfect moist maker to any sandwich, roast garlic mayo. Go with an appetite as you will not want to miss out on a single bite of this mahusive sandwich. Pieces of pork dripped out the sides it was so perfectly jam-packed!

photo of PBLT sandwich
Such tender pieces of pork

Jerk chicken: Served with coleslaw, banana ketchup and hot sauce. Totally won on the competition for best sandwich, ever! I don’t know what the banana ketchup does in this sandwich, but it’s something pretty special. The chicken is tender and tasty and contained in some awesome bread.

Photo of jerk chicken sandwich
Best sandwich ever??

If you can’t make it to Lakota tomorrow for the street food launch, at least you can regularly get access to these wonderful sandwiches!

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