Bill’s: What you might call an ‘all rounder’…

Personally, I love the extravagance of going out for breakfast. Yes, you can whip up boiled egg and soldiers for pennies, but how much more fun is it to meet up with friends and chat over a coffee and brunch on a weekend. And there is no washing up! This could be why I rarely have any money left in the bank at the end of the month… :-S

This reason is what brought be to Bill’s last Sunday. Newly opened that week on the triangle, it is already popular and was pretty much full when I arrived at 11am. Luckily we had a table booked, as a table for 6 is tricky to squeeze in. Part of a chain that seems to have locations in every spot across the UK, Bill’s is not just your average eating experience. With beginnings as a grocery, Bill’s continues to sell goods you can take home to pop in your pantry (if you have one – a pantry still only exists in my imaginary dream house at the moment). You don’t even have to move from your seat to shop, as a list of goods sits within the cutlery pot where you can tick any items you wish and they will brought to you with your bill. Easy peasy. They’re obviously not at your usual supermarket prices, but would make delicious presents for fellow foodies.

Photo of the shelves of deli goods
Shelves and shelves of delicious treats to take home with you

Bill’s is ready to feed you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My friend thus described them as ‘a good all rounder’ – you can even pop for a cup of tea and dessert. In fact, Eton Mess was very nearly ordered for breakfast by one of us. I am too big of a fan of Eggs Benedict to resist, and chose this along with a bloody mary (necessary accompaniment to any brunch). At £7.35, it’s a bit pricier than some of the brunches on offer from other restaurants, but they make it look pretty. They don’t seem sure of their drink spicing yet though as Tabasco and Lee & Perrins came on the side to spice to my tastes. If you want the perfect Bloody Mary I still say The Lounges do it best…

Photo of Eggs Benedict
The pumpkin seeds were a lovely addition

For the rare breeds out there who are not fans of egg-based breakfasts (there are quite a few out there it seems) there are several options for you. My friend who has the sweetest tooth in the world (and almost ordered Eton Mess) went for the blueberry and buttermilk pancakes, with fruit and maple syrup. These were reportedly delicious but started to get a bit sickly by number three – perhaps something you might want to share with someone alongside a more savoury breakfast.

Photo of the pancakes
Beware as you get to pancake number three…

Also – for those who may want a more healthy option (crazy choice on a weekend I know) there is Bill’s Healthy Breakfast Board for you. An adorable board of granola, yoghurt (from happy cows! 🙂 ), fruit and honey. Unfortunately the prettiness meant it was quite impractical to try and eat. Quite amusing to see my friends struggle with where to mix the yoghurt and granola up – perhaps a bowl is needed? Or a bigger kilner jar to fit the yoghurt and honey in the same pot and mix around?

Photo of the healthy board - including kilner jar of granola, jar of yoghurt, pot of honey and skewer of fruit
Chaos occurred when trying to eat this medley of healthy goods

Only problem was that the service was a bit of a hit and miss. We had to ask several times for water for the table, empty glasses were removed without offering another drink, and there was quite a delay between the first half of our meals arriving at the table and the final two. In the first week, you can anticipate a few teething problems though so I would give them another chance.

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