Friska: When lunch becomes a dinner option…

Friska has been one of my favourites for a while. The Victoria Street location is a bit more of a trek from working in Queen Square than other cafes so, lazy as I am, it was often saved for warmer days; however it was always worth it for the smug feeling of eating something so healthy and delicious for lunch. Plus I liked the way they always took your name ready to announce that your lunch was ready – I’m a big lover of the personal touches.

The brains of Bath University economics graduates Griff Holland and Ed Brown, Friska’s ethos is all about ‘Feel Good Fast Food’. They are super conscious of the environment as well: their packaging is all biodegradable and they’re registered as a 10:10 business – such friendly beans. They also seem to be incredibly ambitious – I once read an article about how they stood outside various locations for ages to scope out the foot fall and potential business (I’m not stalking them, promise).

The whole menu is focused around fresh, seasonal and healthy ingredients. It used to be ALL about the skewers and buckwheat salad for me, but things have all changed recently. Friska has expanded and is now both dangerously and wonderfully close to home, ready to provide delicious goods in the evenings and weekends to me as well. Uh oh!

Friska has joined forces with fellow Bristol independent, Rise Music, on Clifton Triangle; thus making the perfect location to review your new music/reading/clothing purchases. For me, it’s the best location for when hunger seriously strikes on my home and I need something quick and satisfying. You can fill yourself up as much as you want here; starting with a wrap or a small dish and adding up the sides until your hunger is sated.

On my most recent trip, I went for the Andalusian chicken & chorizo club wrap with roast pepper relish and house slaw. A lovely wholemeal wrap, although the ‘chorizo’ tasted suspiciously like bacon last time…. At just £6.75 you can get yourself a pretty awesome cheap dinner.

Photo of chicken wrap
Wrap goodness

The healthiness of the meal was slightly affected by the side of chips and dips, which in Friska land means crisp bits triangles of wholemeal tortilla with homemade guacamole, salsa and sour cream. I cannot resist guacamole, ever.

Photo of the chips and dips
Awesome guacamole! You need to order the side of chips!!!

I’ve still got the brunch menu to try out, which looks pretty epic with options such as Mexican Eggs and Chorizo Hash! Then I’ll have pretty much everything ticked off from the lovely Friska menu! 🙂

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