Dine with i…

Ever since sampling the rhubarb, ginger wine and cardamom trifle matched with a ginger and cardamon el diablo cocktail at last year’s Pudding Club, I have really wanted to try out the full ‘Dine with I’ experience. Alas, it was only early this year that finally a date came up that I could. It all worked out for the best as it meant I got to sample the confit chicken!!!

Dine with I is a pop-up restaurant concept developed from the brains of Bristolian chef, Tim Owen, and marketer, Carlton Jefferies. Translation:

dine•with•i  /dīnwiT͟Hī/
1. Bristolian for Come Dine With Me
2. Bristolian for great food

The night was located at 40 Alfred Place, which is set up to allow people to run their own restaurant experience for a night. At only £25 per head for the five courses and bring your own booze, the night was bargainness for the culinary delights we had the pleasure of eating. The menu….

Before we begin

First up – dukkah with delicious bread from Mark’s Bread and olive oil. Dukkah (I discovered after a bit of googling) is an Egyptian side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, usually hazelnut, and spices. You dip the bread first in the oil, then in the herby, spicy, nutty goodness for a deliciously moreish starter. I have since had bread and oil when out for dinner and missed the dukkah element! 😉 Good quality bread is a must here – and Mark’s bread satisfied this criteria.

A little bite

Whilst waiting for our main we were treated to a little it of beetroot hummus topped crostini. Scrumptious, I now want to try out making some beetroot houmous. (We gobbled this up to quickly for a photo).

To start

When walking along Alfred Place I was confused by the smell of toast cooking at 7pm! Turns out it was our starter. Although admittedly mushrooms are not really my thing (I do keep trying to really like them) I could eat a few matched with the garlickiness of the toast. My dining companion however, as a mushroom lover, stated that it was delicious.


The main event, and the course I have been raving about the most, was the confit chicken. It’s not often you can get excited about chicken. As my friend says, it’s generally a vessel for the flavours that are added to it. This however was not just a vessel. The most chickeny (I am making this a word) chicken I have every tasted. Matched with orzo, roasted veg and pesto genovese, this was my favourite dish.

To finish

Finally we were treated to seville orange sponge pudding with whiskey custard. It was served with whiskey custard. Enough said.

I think everyone should keep an eye out for when the next Dine with I event comes up. There is also talk of a Sunday roast supper club that I will have to try out to see how Tim’s roast potatoes measure up! 🙂

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