Beerd: It’s all about the beer these days…

One example is Beerd on St Michael’s Hill – which I ventured to recently through the treacherous ice and snow for the flatmate’s birthday. Despite the added danger to the journey it was definitely worth it to sample their delicious pizzas and wide varieties of craft beers. Now admittedly beer is not my usual drink of choice (I am more of a G&T kind of gal) but with keg and cask beers being served in a variety of size from 1/3 pint you are able to sample a few different ones. As a small 5’1″ female, the smaller glass options also look less ridiculous than a pint glass. 😉

A large range of interestingly named bottled fruit beers (such as Kriek Boon) provided a dangerously drinkable option for me. If it wasn’t for the impressive sized pizzas to soak up the cherry and raspberry flavoured beer I don’t think I would have made it home on the slippery pavements in one piece. I left the ‘proper’ beer tasting to the men, who were sampling the more smoky options from the drinks menu. It did end up like a mini beer tasting session though as pints were passed round the table for a sip. I’m not sure my taste buds will ever progress past the fruity beer though…

The pizzas are pretty epic! With ingredients sourced from the home of the pizza, Italy, Beerd obviously take their pizza making seriously. They have a core menu of six pizza options (plus the “pizza of the week”) but with all the extra topping options you can easily build up your own pizza. My pizza of choice was the goats cheese, aubergine and basil, with added prosciutto! Absolutely delicious, I powered through the whole lot!!

For those who are not up for the potential bloating of the beer and pizza combo, there are more healthy salad options. You can also just nibble on a bar snack, such as ‘bar sausage’ – a sausage served with wholegrain mustard – it does what it says on the tin.

If the food and drink were not enough to get you to Beerd pronto, it also has a wicked atmosphere. Chilled but with a bit of a buzz it is the perfect mid-week of low-key weekend night location. I also loved the custom-made beermat wallpaper on the walls!!

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