Oast House: Cuteness in industrial surroundings…

In a recent trip to Manchester, where I tried to prove I was still young and discovered the craziness that is The Warehouse Project, I was also introduced to a place that was probably a bit more Kirsty-appropriate. Hidden in the mass shopping area of Spinningfields is the gloriously cute Oast House. Turn a corner around the vast office blocks and you find this adorable brick house that you are more likely to expect on a country walk route.

It turns out this location is rather famous – a reliable source informs me that not only did Manchester United have their Christmas party there, it was also featured in Grazia! 🙂 This could in some part explain why we were lucky to squeeze onto the end of the table on a Saturday lunchtime. They’ve even expanded their seating outside in a tipi (reminiscent of last year’s Eat Drink Bristol Fashion event).

Inside, the surroundings are beautiful- all wooden tables and mismatched chairs. It was particularly stunning at this festive period with ivy and fairylights adorning the beams above our heads. After dancing until the early hours the night before the first item needed was a coffee, which I was pleased to have served in a proper china mug. The menus were provided on wooden boards; the branding matching the lovely surroundings. Being close friends with a marketing fanatic I have picked up her odd enthusiasm for branding and appreciate the extra attention to detail that goes into the menus and feedback cards.

The food menu was varied and delicious looking; however, the only thing that could satisfy me that day was a good hearty burger! This was in no way disappointing – served in a little box, the bacon topped burger was wolfed down in no time. I particularly appreciated the fact that the chips were covered in masses of seasoning – nobody likes a bland chip – and served with chutney served in a teensy little pot. Aaaww.

Photo of burger and chips
Look at the pot of chutney – just adorable!

The showstoppers of lunch though were the skewers. Tender pieces of meat and veg were served on a hanging skewers over a choice of side. The garlic seasoning was then poured into the top receptacle to quite geniusly cover the meat in flavour and drip into the side dish of cous cous/ chips. Loved it.

Photo of the skewers
Order the skewers and you could be THIS HAPPY!!!

The only disappointment of the day was the mulled cider was not ready for us to sample during our lunch but otherwise I absolutely loved it and would recommend to anyone venturing to Manchester for the weekend!

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