The Muset: The most beautiful roast dinner…

There are some places you hear wonderful things about and despite them being just 4 minutes walk up the hill from your flat (this is quite a specific hypothetical situation) it still takes you absolutely ages to get there! The Muset is one of these places. And my, am I glad I finally made it.

With no rain predicted for Sunday…and no hangover (January weekends are becoming pretty productive) we had a pretty good formula for heading out for a yummy roast and post-gorging walk. The freezing cold temperatures meant we wimped out on the long walk and only made it to RWA for a warm wander around the new ‘Reigning Cats & Dogs’ exhibition, but the roast mission was more of a success.

Arriving at 1pm the restaurant was fairly empty, but as we know Clifton is generally very slow to wake up on weekends and the tables soon filled up by the time we left 2 hours later. Unfortunately they had already sold out of the pork belly – which looked incredible on the table next to us (I tried not to stare) but the 28 day aged sirloin saved the day. Having exercised that morning I was absolutely ravenous so my eyes lit up when a board of warm bread arrived at our table, including delicious slices of walnut and raisin bread.

Photo of slices of bread on a wooden board
Deliciously warm bread with snazzy balls of butter

Attempting to control my usual ‘eyes bigger than belly’ syndrome we chose to share a starter. A beautiful plate of fois gras mousse, duck parfait, smoked duck and cherry was placed in front of us. Topped with the thinnest slice of toast that ever existed, these delicate components added up to a pure taste sensation. In particular, I was addicted to the swirls of soured duck with a bit of the blob of cherry! YUM!

Photo of the duck starter

Next, the focus of the day – the roast dinner! Everyone should try their horseradish mousse at one point in their life – its lightness is just the perfect accompaniment to such a wonderfully tasty, perfectly pink piece of meat. I’m quite a purist with my beef and generally do not like to add any sauce, but this mousse may have converted me. The vegetables were a big win – particularly the roasted parsnip (a favourite) and roasted beetroot, which is a fairly unusual find on your plate of roast dinner. The yorkshire pud was big and fluffy, as it should be. Unfortunately the potatoes were not as crispy as they looked – no restaurants seem to be able to live up to the high standards set by my mother’s roast potatoes – but still tasty. One issue though was that there was only one slice of beef (admittedly I am fairly greedy) however this sensible portion size did mean that there was room left for pud!!

Photo of the roast dinner
Beef cooked to perfection

I went for the chestnut cake, chocolate grenache and tonga bean (a type of vanilla bean) ice-cream option, whilst the dinner date chose the pear pannacotta. I just won with my choice – the chocolate granache was out of this world and the ice-cream perfectly cut through the richness of the chestnut cake. The popping candy topping is always a bit too exciting! Hehe! The pannacotta was accompanied by an almond brittle and pear sorbet. The pear sorbet (this may sound odd) really tasted of pear. You know sometimes you can tell where the flavour of a sorbet originated but it only hints at it? Well this takes it to a whole new level. Once again the chefs at The Muset showed off their presentation skills…

Photo of the chestnut cake
Popping candy added even more excitement
Photo of the pear pannacotta
The most pear-like sorbet on earth

The service was friendly and attentive throughout – faultless! At £16 for two courses or £19 for three, its also great value. With such love and attention going into the presentation of the courses on the Sunday roast menu, it gets me excited about what these guys would do on their tasting menu! Massively recommend.

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