Hole in the Wall: Eating out at our work local…

Working on Queen Square, the Hole in the Wall sat on the corner is a regular haunt for Friday after-work drinks; particularly in the summer where the large number of tables and chairs outside make the perfect place for that chilled glass of wine to take the edge off the fact you have been cooped up away from the sunshine all week. For the most part, sampling of their food has consisted of vast quantities of crisps, or if we’re branching out, a couple of bowls of chips spread across the table. Inside also has a cosy feel and does not have the stale smell of beer of some of the nearby pubs – bonus!

Their menu of seriously good looking pub food however, in particular the ‘House Tasting Plate’, tempted us there on one of our lunch-out-Fridays. A mass concoction of delicious titbits was ordered to share, together with a bowl of chips which turned out not to be needed as the plate was so filling. Let’s see if the list of goodies tempts you the same way:

  • Duck and chicken pâté with winter fruit chutney and toasted brioche: Personally I am used to brioche in sweet dishes but this was a great change and was perfectly matched with sweet chutney accompinament.
  • Chef’s home-made soup of the day with ciabatta: Served in little teacups – I’m a sucker for this type of presentation
  • Deep-fried Somerset Brie with apricot compote and watercress: Nothing tempts me to take my dairy tablets like warm gooey brie. Slathered on a ripped off chunk off ciabatta and I was in heaven!
  • Honey roasted fig and Prosciutto ham with wild rocket and homemade salsa verdi: I’m fairly new to the world of figs. Loved the matching with saltiness of the prosciutto.
  • Lemon grass tempura prawns with lemon mayonnaise: Deliciously light batter with hint of thai flavourings.
  • Pork belly with black pudding and a Braeburn apple fritter: Wonderfully indulgent for a lunch time. Melted in the mouth. Big big fan.
Photo of the tasting plate
Loving the variety on this plate

This is the way forward for lunchtimes. This sampling of goodies definitely made me want to go back and try more! And of course variety is the spice of life! 😉

See more about their food on the Hole in the Wall website.

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