Red & White: The only way to kick off Christmas drinking…

Twitter is the best thing for keeping up with what is going on in Bristol. The most recent gem I discovered through my addiction was a wine tasting event with RED&WHITE – a wine merchant that has just recently extended its offering into Clifton.

With RED&WHITE’s ethos covering the offering of not just quality wines, but those with some character, they certainly showed off their superb tastes on this Thursday eve. The event was held at the lovely Red Lion, tucked away off Whiteladies Road.

Greeted with a glass of champagne, a pen and a score-sheet, we were introduced to the plan for the evening. As our eyes scanned the room, the tables lining the walls were covered with approximately 50 different types of wine to wander round and sample to our delight. Wine experts were on hand to answer any questions on the wine as we went but otherwise we were left to our own devices to discover new favourites; scores noted down became a handy reference as the night continued to pinpoint the ones that particularly pleased our taste buds (definitely coming in handy as I got further and further along the table).

Photos of the wine
The walls were lined with wine…

Just as the wine started to affect the brain, out came platters of meats and cheeses – what better a match? This came at the perfect moment for us as we were sampling the strong flavours from the makers of Vondeling. The night was also not without entertainment. What music do you need as you are sipping a glass of Shiraz? Well, sea shanties of course!! 😉

My personal favourite was the original champagne I had as I walked through the door (Champagne Gallimard ‘Cuvee Reserve’ Brut)- which I will be ordering for all my emergency celebration needs. This was closely followed by the Vondeling Shiraz – with a particular shout out to Bryn who one minute was providing us with recipe ideas to match the flavours of the wine, the next up singing sea shanties.

For anyone who, like me, has a love for wine but is yet to understand all it has to offer us, RED&WHITE will also be starting to offer wine courses at their new wine school. Check out all they have to offer on the RED&WHITE website.

At the end of the evening, our score-sheets totted up to a tasting of 28 different wines (small sips of course 😉 ) – quite the perfect way to kick off the festive drinking season! Although maybe not the best plan the night before our work Christmas do…. whoops!

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