Shiraz: Enjoying Shiraz – the restaurant not the wine…

My most recent taster – Persian food from Shiraz. Located on Hotwells Road, it may be somewhere you may, like me, have ventured past a million times and just not quite clocked it. Next time you notice it though – go in. I urge you. The food is delicious!!

They offer set menus for those who can’t work out what they wish to try but we felt like being a little more adventurous and picked things out for ourselves…In the wish to try as much as possible, however, we covered our table with a mixture of starters and mains to pick on as we caught up on all the gossip.

The starters:

Mast-o-khiar: Chopped cucumber and mint in home-made yoghurt. Deliciously creamy and balanced the stronger flavours of the stews we had chosen.

Paneer Sabzi: A mixture of fresh mint leaves, tarragon, coriander and basil with spring onions, radishes and feta cheese, topped with walnuts. A more herby salad to what we were used to which I initially approached with caution, but absolutely stunning on the side of the lamb shank.

Dolmeh: Vine leaves. Not new to the tastebuds but I love them so I could not resist! 🙂

Photo of the starters
This herby salad is definitely worth a try!

The mains:

Kebab makhsous-One skewer of koubideh (plain minced lamb), one skewer of barg (lamb flavoured with the classic Persian flavourings of garlic, onion, lemon juice and saffron). Flavoured beautifully and served with rice and salad.

Photo of the kebabs
Not your standard 3am kebab! 😉

Bamieh – A stew of diced beef cooked with okra, yellow split peas & dried limes in a tomato sauce with a touch of garlic, served with Persian saffron rice.

Photo of the stew
Vine leaves sneaking up in the background – one of my favourite foods

And the show stopper of the evening – Mahiche – Lamb shank in a rich tomato sauce served on a bed of Persian rice mixed with broad beans and fresh dill. The lamb fell wonderfully off the bone; perfectly tender delicious meat. A mouthful of lamb, sauce, rice and the paneer sabzi – PERFECT! It also came with pure comedy value at one of the girls attempts to pull seemingly easy to detach pieces of meat off the bone.

Photo of the lamb shank
By far my favourite – meat that simply fell off the bone! Delish!

With a glass of wine to wash it all down and entertaining conversation, it was a most wonderful evening. The only problem we had was attempting to pronounce the different dishes.