Grillstock pop-up: They even put meat in the ice cream….

For anyone who has read my recently updated blog post on St. Nicks market will know I am already a big fan of the meaty offerings from the genius guys at Grillstock. As soon as I heard they were doing a pop-up for a whole weekend I let out a squeal of excitement. It was also my first opportunity of trying out 40 Alfred Place – love the concept of this place. 🙂

Photo of the outside of 40 Alfred Place
Outside 40 Alfred Place..

Unfortunately I was too late to grab an evening slot – this event was understandably very popular – however Saturday lunch I sat down ready for some meat. In hindsight I probably should have gone on a 50 mile run or something that morning (just as a note this is an extreme exaggeration as this would probably take me a few months…) ready for the masses of food about to hit the table.

The main food event was unsurprisingly heavily meat-based, consisting of:

  • Pulled pork bap – mountains of delicious meat (there was no scrimping here) on a big bap covered in lashings of BBQ sauce. I’m addicted to this from the St. Nicks stand for a reason – it’s immense!
  • Beef brisket – rich and flavoursome – every meat dish should come with a side of meat…
  • Beans with (you may have guessed it) more meat.
  • Crispy fries – a little too crunchy for personal taste, but I’m a chunky chips kinda gal. Am I right in thinking Essex Eating’s ‘famous fry sauce’ featured here?
  • Coleslaw – not usually a fan, this one of the few coleslaws I have tried and liked.
Photo of plate of pulled pork bap
Meat with a side of meat and more meat

Absolutely stonking dish that had me heading towards a serious meat sweat situation – which was rather unfortunate seeing that we were sat on a table of strangers. Much stealth needed in the strategic mopping of the brow.

Just when the stomach thought it could take no more – along came the dessert. Luckily, as everyone knows, there is a separate stomach for sweet stuff (this may have been missed this off your biology lessons but it is a definite fact). Consequently I lapped up the finale of waffles, maple syrup and candied bacon ice cream. It works people. Trust me.

Photo of the waffles
Candied bacon ice cream – yep you read that right

I’ve now got my Grillstock loyalty card – lets see how quickly I can fill this up and get me a free pork bap! 🙂

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