Mud Dock Deli: Spoilt for choice at lunchtime…

Working on Queen Square I am spoilt for choice for locations for lunch-out Fridays… What has made the weekly lunchtime decision that little bit more tricky is Mud Dock adding another tempting establishment within easy walking distance of my work. Doh.

Mud Dock is already one of my favourites. When feeling a little bit more extravagent (post-payday) you can often see me gorging on a giant burger or attacking the mega open steak sandwich on foccaccia with gorgeously chunky wedges. It’s also awesome in the Summer to sit out on the terrace over the river – proper holidaying-in-Bristol-style spot. (Anyone else have pretend holiday days in their hometown…?)

Their new offering, the Mud Dock Deli, is set rather randomly at the edge of Wapping Wharf Car Park – which must be quite the temptation at the end of the day for commuters who park there daily. Touches of the original Mud Dock are scattered throughout (look out for the cycling memorabilia) but with a more relaxed style.

Photo taken from the balcony of Mud Dock Deli showing the sign
Reflecting the Mud Dock brand

The menu is a little more simple, with focus on a quality selection of sandwiches, paninis and mezze platters. If you’re feeling that little bit hungrier you can get a small / large pizza with a variety of toppings – options are chalked up on the hanging boards – or a big plate of fish and chips.

We chose fairly simply from the menu. As I scoured the counter-shelves the delicious-sounding chorizo, ham and egg sandwich area was empty but they came to the rescue and made me up a fresh one so don’t be afraid to ask what they may have hidden round the back.

Photo of the chorizo sandwich
Now THIS is a sandwich! 😉

My friday lunch-out dining companion went for the mezze board – which gave me a teensy bit of food envy…

Photo of the mezze plate
Concoction of colours

The main thing I love about this place however is the general look and feel. The tables on the mezzanine are spaced nicely apart so you don’t feel like you’re squished in next to strangers. The cakes are wonderfully displayed on a wooden island downstairs – in a similar way to what I imagine my future kitchen to look like…. 🙂 There are also a variety of tempting treats to purchase and take away with you stocked on the shelves.

Photo of downstairs
The wonderful ambience of downstairs…

The food is a extremely good value for eating out, particularly for around the centre.  WIth sandwiches ranging around £3 mark and the small pizzas only £4 it makes eating lunch out all that more easier to justify.

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