Foodie penpals – October 2012

This month I received my very first parcel as part of the foodie penpals scheme – an idea brought over the states by Carol Anne at This is Rock Salt that matches up food lovers each month to send a £10 bespoke parcel of food related goods. Have a look on the Rock Salt blog if that sounds like your cup of tea.

For my first parcel I was particularly spoilt, being matched with Vanessa from Greece who sent me lots of interesting treats for me to try. I particularly loved the fact that I was receiving lots of things that I could not pop to my local supermarket to buy. A super friendly postcard from Thermopyles (think the film “300”) explained my goods.

1. Olives from Kalamata – ‘the best in the world’. I shared them round and got mass agreement that these are delicious.

Photo of the pack of olives

2. Pasteli sweet – described as healthy and nutritious, I was glad as I devoured it is seconds. Similar to nougat in flavour in texture and wrapped in a cute little bag.

Photo of the sweet
Sweety time! 🙂

3. Sage from Igoumenitsa village – an ingredient my flatmate was particularly excited about being the chef of the household.

Photo of the sage

4. Mastic – a natural resin to add to my desserts. It can also be chewed as a gum, although it was more herby than the usual mint flavour I am used to.

Photo of the gum
New things to try

5. A magnet from Vanessa’s town volleyball team – not food related but very cute touch! 🙂

Photo of postcard and magnet
The personal touches

6. Tea with kroko kozamis – a yummy warming tea infused with Greek spices. This was one of my favourite touches as I am a big herbal tea drinker. Perfect for these freezing temperatures!!

Photo of the tea bags
Yummy warming tea

Absolutely loved my parcel – especially all the extra touches and messages that had been included! Thanks Vanessa – hope you also got a great box!

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