No. 1 Harbourside: People watching time….

After sitting on the sofa outside No.1 Harbourside (yes they have sofas outside along the waterfront) last Saturday evening with a bottle of red, watching the entertainment of drunken Bristolians go by, I was reminded how I have worryingly omitted this wonderful establishment from my Favourites. Mass apologies! From this spot you get quite the variety of passers by – last weekend saw a hen do dressed in 20s style fancy dress singing show tunes at the tops of their voices (particular credit goes to the woman who I assumed was the grandmother in the most beautiful fur coat) and a friendly greeting from a guy dressed in a dog costume with sneakers.

No.1 ticks a lot of boxes for me: good selection of drinks, great hearty food options on the menu at really reasonable prices with free soup (!!) and a nice chilled atmosphere.  My personal favourite is the mussels with black pepper fries – together with soup (which changes regularly) this only costs £6! Incredible value. It’s consequently become a frequent choice for lunch out Fridays :). They regularly have live music playing throughout the week which also makes it a splendid choice for a sneaky mid-week tipple…

Photo of mussels and black pepper fries
The delicious mussels (with wine in the background)

During the day you can also sample some of the delicious cakes from La Dame Gateau – who launched this year with a bang with free samplings of their cakes with Oolong tea mojitos – genius idea and wonderful evening. I can personally recommend the apple cake.

Furthermore (admittedly this excitement may be restricted to just me) they have a top-notch selection of leaflets; including (wait for it) a leaflet pack!! Call it being inquisitive or ridiculously nosey, but I like to know what is going on in Bristol town. And – what I don’t find out from Twitter, I find from my addiction to perusing through leaflets (I realise how odd this is).

The only downside to this establishment is the toilets. Although there has been some recent improvement, they are still the smallest cubicles in Bristol – it’s quite a mission even for a mini person like me to get in and out.. :-S Be warned.

Despite this, No. 1 Harbourside I love you. See you for next geeky book club meet up – we’re coming on mass for the mussels!! 🙂

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